Dec 30, 2014

Top Ten Resolutions For 2015

I already have a feeling that 2015 is going to be epic!I've never looked forward to a year as much as I do to 2015.

Next year is going to bring a lot of new things in my life.I have a new blog to work on,I am going to start my Advanced Levels in school-majoring in Literature,and of course planning to read a lot more than I did this year.

Here are my resolutions for 2015,which I hope I'll complete.

Bookish Resolutions

1.Read more than I did in these past years.
2014 was a chaotic year to me,with exams,weddings and sicknesses.I couldn't read much,as of today,I've only read 87 books this year.
But next year,I know I am going to read more,I can feel it.Mostly because school doesn't start until May,and my first year of A/Ls will not be so hard.
I hope I'll get more time to read next year than I did in this one.

2.Renew my Goodreads shelves and ratings
It's actually quite amusing for me to look back at my taste in books 2 years ago.
And I am not at all proud of it.
My reaction when I saw when I've given a 4 star rating for Hush Hush and Sweet Evil.

Now I've got to do a bit of cleaning,add and delete shelves and books and of course change my ratings and reviews.

3.Finish all my ARCs.
I still have the ARCs for books,which are now released and even the sequels are out for some of them.
I don't think I can still call them ARCs anymore,but still I have a responsibility to finish them and post a review.

4.Try out more genres
I am not so adventurous when it comes to picking genres.I mostly try to stick to my favourites-contemporary and urban fantasy.But I really want to try out more.This year,I discovered Historical fiction,and ended up loving that genre,so I hope I'll find another favourite in 2015.

Blogging Resolutions

5.Work on my blog.
My blog is a 9 days old infant in the blogosphere:)Of course,I have a lot to do for it to grow up:)
I have a lot of plans in mind,and I have to try hard to make them all possible.

6.Discover more blogs
I've always loved reading other blog posts,and I consider myself a professional blog stalker so next year,I am going to spend some time in discovering more wonderful bloggers and blogs.

7.Try my best at reading challenges.
I am horrible at these.At the start of the year,I sign up for a lot of them rather enthusiastically,but after some time,I just forget about them.But at least next year,I want to try my best at reading challenges.
I am planning to sign up for only those who interests me greatly,and hope for the best that I won't forget them.

Resolutions for my life

8.Work hard in school.
This is a common resolution to every school student,but I never complete it.I am really lazy,and I never work hard in school work.But next year,I am going to enter grade 12-my A/Ls which is not going to be easy and I really need to put more effort.On a lighter note,I've selected Literature as my main subject,so at least I'll be doing something I love.

9.Go out more.
This is my mother's favourite advice for me.She always complains that I am not getting out of the house,and this way,I'll forget what the world looks like one day.
And this is my answer for that advice.

So as much as I want to stay at home and read,I know I also want to go out more.So at least in 2015,I'll wake up from my hibernation and grace the world with my presence.

10.Have fun!

Okay this is kinda lame,the truth is that I've run out of resolutions,but still one goal all of us have in life to have fun right.
So yeah,I want to have so much fun in 2015.

And,well that's my resolutions for 2015.
What about you all?
Don't forget to leave the link to your list.

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