Jan 29, 2015

An Insult to Nerds || Love,Lattes & Mutants by Sandra Cox

Title:Love,Lattes and Mutants
Author:Sandra Cox
Release Date:February 17th 2015
Finding love is hard, even when you aren't a mutant.
Like most seventeen-year-olds, Piper Dunn wants to blend in with the crowd. Having a blowhole is a definite handicap. A product of a lab-engineered mother with dolphin DNA, Piper spends her school days hiding her brilliant ocean-colored eyes and sea siren voice behind baggy clothing and ugly glasses. When Tyler, the new boy in school, zeroes in on her, ignoring every other girl vying for his attention, no one, including Piper, understands why...

Then Piper is captured on one of her secret missions rescuing endangered sea creatures and ends up in the same test center where her mother was engineered. There she discovers she isn't the only one of her kind. Joel is someone she doesn't have to hide from, and she finds herself drawn to the dolph-boy who shares her secrets. Talking to him is almost as easy as escaping from the lab. Deciding which boy has captured her heart is another story...

A copy was provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange of a honest review

I wasn't expecting anything great when I went for this book.The book had a cheesy cover and title,a pretty stereotypical blurb with an overused concept.But even without any expectations I was thoroughly disappointed by this book.

Well to point out the good things about the book,I'd like to mention the whole unique dolphin gene concept.The MC wasn't a paranormal character,rather she was the daughter of an escaped lab rat,who was created with dolphin DNA.I found the concept interesting.

Other than that,if you are looking for a quick and easy read,then this book might appeal to you.Unfortunately,it's not my cup of tea,as I like my books with more depth.

The main problem I had with the book was its characters.Both the lead characters were not at all likeable,atleast to me.

Our MC-Piper-is a gorgeous girl with a musical voice,who's trying to hide herself in baggy clothes and nerd glasses in fear of getting caught and live as a lab rat.What I really hated about her is how she complained constantly about her disguise.She was repeatedly whining about how those clothes and glasses were unattractive.I found it insulting.Well,come on,I myself wear glasses and find comfort in wearing baggy clothes.And according to Piper,that makes me unattractive and undesirable.

Not only she was vain,she was also blaming the nerd look for her unpopularity and people being uninterested in her.
I thought it was stupid.
I mean,come on,you don't need to be gorgeous and desirable for people to like you.
If so,then girls like me would be friendless forever.

The hero was actually a stalker.He was hot-okay I admit it-but that doesn't make up for the fact that he was too nosy and wanted to know Piper's secrets even when she didn't want to tell him.He was constantly nagging her and following her everywhere,determined to know what she's hiding.Seriously,dude?

And the love triangle that's hinted at the blurb?It was not a love triangle at all.Thank God for that.The other guy-Joel-was only introduced by the end of the book,and left in a few pages.I personally think that he was only added to the blurb to make the book sound more interesting.

Overall,it's an okay story with horrible characters.I won't recommend it to anyone,especially for fellow nerds-who'll find this book and its MC terribly insulting,

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