Jan 16, 2015

Christmas,Cooking and Romance || A Christmas Feast and other short stories by Katie Fforde

Title:A Christmas Feast
Author:Katie Fforde
Release Date:December 4th 2014
A delicious Christmas feast of short stories from the Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author of A French Affair and The Perfect Match.

Add some extra sparkle to your Christmas by joining Katie Fforde for a perfect, romantic Christmas feast of short stories. Collected together for the first time and including one brand new story.

Make your Christmas wishes come true...

Includes and exclusive sneak preview of Katie's new novel, A Vintage Wedding, coming in February 2015.

I know what you might be thinking right now.This is too late for a Christmas story,right?I know,but I suck at keeping up with seasonal reads,that I am only finishing my Christmas ARCs only now.But hey,who's complaining?Certainly not me:)

This book is a collection of short stories.Unlike the title suggests,not all the stories are about Christmas or food,rather they are written in the style of a Christmas feast.There are tiny stories as Champagne and Canapes,a medium sized story as a starter,and a comparatively longer story as the main course,and so on.I found this attempt really amusing.It was fun to read them all,I felt like I am at some trendy restaurant which served me stories in place of food:)

Overall,the stories were really cute.Some were too short,there weren't notable character development and story base,but still I enjoyed all of them greatly.

Champagne and Canapes

Christmas Shopping

A woman who sucks at cooking invites a handsome stranger she met at the supermarket for Christmas who promises to help her cook for her large family.I felt this story was a bit too short.When I realized that it ended it made me go,"that's all?"

Run for Cover

A woman who works in a charity clothing store encounters a customer who buys some clothes rather desperately,but then learns that he had bought his own clothes which were donated to the store by his ex girlfriend.It was cute.Nothing more to say.

Love in the Afternoon

I really liked this story!It's about an uptight perfectionist woman who meets a handsome Italian chef during a cookery course who teaches her the joy of food-without any interruption of perfection.This story will definitely make you hungry as it's really descriptive:)

You're the One

How embarrassing will it be if you kissed a stranger thinking it was your longtime crush?That's what happens to Lisa.Thankfully the said stranger turns out be a guy who's recently dumped by a text who doesn't mind a beautiful girl kissing him out of nowhere.
This story contains insta love,but then,it's a short story.What do you expect?


The Undercover Cook

My favourite story out of this whole book!It's about a journalist who's sent undercover to a reputed restaurant as a cook determined to bring down the apparently rude,cold and demanding executive cook Theo Milton.But in the end the journalist falls for the man.Of course!
This story was truly wonderful.Theo is a short tempered but kind man who you'll fall for immediately.Emily,the journalist,is a great character as well.I really loved how she learned about food and cooking bit by bit and eventually fell in love with the trade and the man behind it.

Main Course

From Scotland with Love

A bestselling author and the PR girl of the publishing house falls in love with each other.Interesting,right?It certainly was!
Rory was a character who was so easy to fall for.He was rough,at times rude,a guy who's trying to hide his hurt,emotions and vulnerability,afraid to be heartbroken again.And to top it off,he's a writer.What's not to love?
And Daisy was a sweet character.She sucks as a PR girl-her words not mine-unorganized,loves food,a procrastinator and a total girly girl.I felt a connection to her immediately and was sad that it was only a short story.


Staying Away at Christmas

Due to a small misunderstanding two families end up staying at a rental house at Christmas together.One is a single divorced mother with two daughters,the other is a single widowed dad with a son and a daughter.Convenient,huh?
The story was good.It was typical chick lit material.I was not that interested in reading a 50 year old man and 45 year old woman who have kids of my age falling in love.
But then,some might be,who knows?


A Christmas Feast

Unfortunately I didn't find the titular story to my expectations.It's about Imogen,who's making a new start by moving to a new place and finds love there.

Coffee and chocolate truffles

Pink Fizz and Macaroons

A woman who sucks at baking attempts to bake something as a thankful gesture to her friendly older neighbor.It contains a woman who desperately tries to learn to bake-and fails horribly at it,a sweet old lady and a handsome guy who offers to teach her how to bake.
Well,scratch all of that.
It has a guy who bakes.What more do you need?

The Holiday of a Marriage

A woman is having second thoughts with her marriage.30 years later after her wedding.It quite amused me that she is finding problems with her husband and marriage after 30 years together,but then,what do I know about marriage life?
It's about an older couple mending their marriage.It's sweet but not my kind of story.

Breakfast with Mr Gillyflower

Gillyflower?Seriously?You expect me to be okay with a guy with a surname called Gillyflower?
I am not at all okay with this.Totally not.
Surname aside,the story isn't something exciting either.Probably my least favourite out of all.

A Magazine Christmas

A practical,lazy and procrastinator woman finds it difficult to create a picture perfect Christmas that her sophisticated and uptight husband and in laws expect from her.I actually find it amusing how in the first place,this woman got married to a man like him.
I felt so sorry for Jess,who struggles to satisfy her family's expectations.
I was so proud of her when she decided to leave her husband-and the family- to a man who's so sweet and caring towards her.

In the end,the book leaves you satisfied,just like a good meal does.I enjoyed all these stories,even the sneak peek of Katie's new book.If you are looking for a light,cute,romantic read or a fan of short stories,then I'll definitely recommend this for you.

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