Jan 25, 2015

Surviving and getting over reading slumps

Reading slumps are my worst nightmares.I hate them.There's nothing more terrifying for a blogger or a reader to discover that we don't have the urge or mood to read anything.It's the darkest period in a reader's life.That's for sure.

Some times the reason is too many books at the same time.Or maybe it's because of the lack of a great book.Whatever reason it is,reading slumps can be frightening.

It can happen to even the best readers,and it's a hard truth you've got to accept.

I don't think anyone of us have discovered the magic to prevent or get over reading slumps.
But we do have a few methods.
And here are mine.

These are the few ways that helped me to survive those agonizing periods without the fear that maybe I will never take a book after this,and to eventually get over them.

How to survive it

1.Make time for other important things in your life

-Think of this time as an opportunity to make time for other things in your life.This way,you won't feel like you're going through a reading slump,but just as if you're trying to spend your time on other things.It is a way to decrease your fear.

2.Try reading fanfiction.

I used to be a huge fan of fanfiction before I started blogging.Select a good fanficion site,(I'd recommend fanfiction.net),and go through some fanfiction stories of your favourite books.I go for fluffy and short romantic one shots of my favourite couples,some of them are really great,so I won't feel like I miss reading.


I don't know how many people have the habit of rereading,but I love doing it.If you ever feel like you're not in the mood for a new book,take a favourite book or series and reread them.If you don't want to read the whole book,just read your favourite scenes.It's better if the book's something you read long ago,because sometimes we forget the stories,so it just feels like we're refreshing our memory of these books.

4. Try writing reviews for books you've read before but didn't write one.
I know it's a bit hard to write a review for a book you read some time back,but try to reread them and then write one.This way,you'll never feel a difference.

How to get over 

1.Read a lot of reviews
Go visit blogs or stalk through GR and read a lot of reviews.Especially positive ones.This will help you get over a slump in two ways.First,if you see a really good review of a book,that can persuade you to go for that particular one.
Second is envy.I know it's not a good habit to encourage,but a little jealousy will help you.Reading all those reviews will sometimes make you take up a book,determined to go write a great review yourself.

2.Ask for recommendations
If the reason for your slump is the lack of good books,then don't hesitate to ask for recommendations.Take up a book with majority positive reviews and ratings.If you end up loving it,then problem solved.

3.Check out what others are reading
This is again a jealousy business.When friends of yours are reading great books,it will make you feel a little down and maybe it will make you want to read again.

4.Take a look at your Netgalley,Edelweiss or ARC review pile.
This always get me back on track.That huge pile that's waiting for me to finish,can be a little intimidating and make you remember your 'responsibilities.'

These are my ways of surviving and getting over my worst nightmares.
Do you ever do any of these things?Was this post helpful?
If you have any more ideas,feel free to leave me a comment.

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