Jan 7, 2015

What makes you cry over a book?

Who doesn't love a good tearjerker?Those books may leave you shattered,heartbroken and a total mess,but still it's a guilty pleasure for every book lover.
I myself am a huge sucker for books that will start the waterworks from my eyes.Books that will require some tissues and results in a few questioning looks if you read them in public.

It's quite embarrassing when you read these books in public.The way my friends or my mother or even complete strangers looking at me in a weird way when I start crying over a book suddenly is actually sometimes funny.

And then I go on to make some excuses.

Some times it's unavoidable.No matter how much I try to control myself the tears just flow.And it's quite amusing that some times I don't even know why I am crying over the book.
This made me think.
What actually triggers the tears when you read a book.

Character Death

Okay this is a common cause.Some times authors can be so cruel and they'll just kill off a beloved character in a sentence.
You get attached to a certain character,you swoon over them,become their friend,fall in love with them or even develop a deep connection with them despite them being fictional.
And when they die you are just lost and start to feel a hatred towards the author that you loved so far.

Traumatic Events

When we travel along the main characters throughout the book,all those incidents that hurt them eventually hurt us too.A break up,a betrayal,deaths,heart breaks and so on.They leave us sobbing too.

Emotions-raw,real and true.

All that feels and emotions that make you go adsidyciowuydi.
Whether happy or sad,the overwhelmed state that raw emotions leave you in is bound to make you cry.

When things go wrong.

When the MC chooses the wrong guy from the love triangle,or when your OTP breaks up or when all your anticipation and things that you looked forward to don't end up in the way you wanted them to,and you just can't accept it.

When things are perfect

When your OTP gets their happily ever after and everyone becomes happy after so much struggles and fights,of course that causes some happy tears!
Things don't always need to be sad to make you cry,even when they are perfect,they can bring on some tears.

Well,that are the reasons that I can think of.
Do you agree with them?
Can you think of anything else?Did I miss something?

Feel free to leave a comment.

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