Feb 6, 2015

A controversial bingo and a personal reaction

Just how exciting author blogger dramas are.Not

No matter how much we've learned from previous experiences,they never stop.
And anyone of you who've been active in twitter for these past two days,would have surely known about the whole bingo controversy and would have thought.

Author Amy Spalding has apparently been really creative during her lunch hour and has created a bingo card,which is clearly an insult to all reviewers who post negative  reviews.
And even more more hurtful is how many authors agreed.

You can see all those who agreed with the bingo card here
If  you want to boycott them all,feel free to do so.

Now,just like any blogger who came across that tweet,I was hurt.
But even more because I am one of the reviewers she's talking about.

Last December,I read her book Ink is Thicker than Water.I didn't like it,so I clearly left a short negative review with a one star rating.

And when I saw the bingo card,I knew she was also talking about me.

At that moment,the insecure girl in me wanted to cry.I mean come on,she was clearly criticising me and all the other reviewers who wrote a negative review for her book.
And worse,there were people who agreed with her.

But later on,my confidence was boosted by all those bloggers who started to talk back.It's what I love most about the blogging community,as they always stand up for each other and never sit back and watch another blogger(s) getting hurt.

Love you all for making me and all those reviewers who got criticised feel better!

I believe negative reviews are a right of every reviewer.
All opinions should be respected.

And most of all,what I want to say is,please reconsider the feelings of young reviewers before you post something nasty as this.
We are just beginners.My blog has just been running for one and a half months.
And comments like these make us want to give up.Make us wonder whether we're doing something wrong.
I personally wanted to retreat into a hole and die when I saw the tweet and the responses.

But at the same time,I think authors should all learn the importance of reviewers and bloggers.It's they who make the authors famous.
It's totally ungrateful,to payback them this way.

What did you think about the drama?

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