Feb 12, 2015

A story of love and healing || The Story of You And Me by Pamela Dumond

Title:The Story of You and Me
Author:Pamela Dumond
Release Date:October 20th 2013

My name's Sophie Priebe and I’m nineteen-years-old. I planned on college, keggers and cute guys—not multiple sclerosis. Yes, my Nana’s had it for decades, but it skipped over my mom. After my diagnosis people treated me differently—so I stopped talking about it and kept it secret. Meanwhile I researched treatments, possible cures—and now I have hope.

I traveled thousand of miles to L.A. to find healing: from stem cell studies to alternative medicine like acupuncture and shamanic vision quests. Some treatments could be dangerous: but I’ll try anything because my stakes are high—life and death. I'll risk everything—except for love. I don’t have time for love.

But my Nana always told me, “Life, the fates, or God has a funny way of messing with one’s best-laid plans…"

My first night in L.A. I landed in the middle of a campus bar fight and a few beer bottle splinters cut my face. The most beautiful young man I've ever met, Alejandro, took me to the ER, chauffeured me to my new apartment and even washed my beer-drenched hair. He and his friends are Drivers: volunteers who drive students who've partied too hard.

My second day I got lost in a dicey part of town and was attacked by gang-bangers. I was lucky—I escaped—this time. While L.A.’s filled with glamour, mansions and celebrities—it’s also infested with folks who would happily take advantage of a new girl.

So I hired Alejandro to drive me to my appointments. He became my un-official bodyguard. He took me to healers in beach towns, mountains and deserts. He invited me to BBQs, and included me with his family and friends. He made me laugh again. My heart started cracking open…

I wish I had told him my secret. When I discovered—he hadn't yet told me his...

A Story of Hope. A Story of Love. A Story of Redemption.

A copy was provided in exchange of a honest review

When I saw the synopsis of this book,I expected a typical NA romance story.A girl with baggage goes to a new town and finds a boy with bigger baggage and they help each other out and fall in love type of story is what I expected from the book.But rather,I was pleasantly surprised to read this simple,wonderful and beautiful love story.

Sophie finds out that she has multiple sclerosis and travels to LA to find the cure.She researches a lot and tries out different types of treatments,from acupuncture to vision quests.Some work,some doesn't,but she's determined to defeat MS.

I really loved how strong and determined Sophie was.She didn't let her disease win over her,rather she tries to defeat it.She was a smart,funny,strong and independent character and I deeply admired her strength and personality.

Alejandro was a wonderful character as well.He was a typical swoon worthy NA male lead. He has his own baggage and secrets,and I loved how he dealt with it.He not only put his past behind him but also does something that will help him get over the guilt.

The romance between these two was beautiful.It was simple and romantic.It was sweet and hot at the same time,and I really liked it.

All the supporting characters were really interesting as well.Sophie's neighbour and his weird cat were such colourful characters.Her grandmother was such a loving and caring woman.And one of my favourite characters in the book is Blue-a girl in a wheelchair with a cynical attitude and temper whom Sophie befriends in the hospital.

Overall,The story of you and me is a simple love story.Just like the title suggests,it's the story about a girl and a boy-a girl with a disease and a boy who carries around guilt and how they battle their respective demons.It's also a story about healing,hope and love.

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