Feb 5, 2015

Confessions of a 16 year old

This post is inspired by Cait @ Paper Fury's 21 things you probably didn't know about me.I've always wanted to share random things about myself,and I really loved Cait's idea,so I just thought of doing a similar post myself.

1.I hate cats.

Well,I actually can't call it hate,I am just so uncomfortable when I am around them.They totally weird me out.
I mean come on,look at this creature,can you blame me for being disturbed by it.
No offence,cat lovers!

2.I am deadly afraid of........balloons
Okay,maybe by now,you've decided I am crazy,but I am just so scared of them.
Especially when they burst.
My friends find this too funny,but they just don't understand how many balloons have appeared in my nightmares.
I am not kidding.

3.I am fascinated with violence
I dont know whether that makes me a violent person,but still,I am fascinated with it.
I love when my books are more violent,my characters more bloodthirsty and kickass,I want my movies action paced and most of all,watching road fights are my guilty pleasure.
I am obsessed with studying about wars and I am a huge wrestling fan(Though one can't actualy call WWE violent:))

I know what you might be thinking right now.

4.I love accents!

Some are adorable,some cute,and there are some that's downright sexy.
Especially British accents*Swoons*

5.I was voted as 'best company' in school.

And I consider it as one of my best achievements!I love to talk and it pleases me so much to know that people actually enjoy it:)

6.My favourite number is 9

I am actually a bit sentimental about number 9.I consider it my lucky number.

7.I am really ambitious 

It actually amuses everyone who knows me,as they wonder how a lazy procrastinator such as me can be this ambitious.
But trust me,I really am.
I tend to get really stubborn and I'll go for any end to get what I want done.
Maybe that's why pottermore sorted me into Slytherin.

8.I loooove food

Food is-in my opinion-one of the best part of life!
I eat a lot,and I am not even a delicate eater.

It's embarrassing when I eat in public.

9.I have an obsession with Greek Mythology

I've been fascinated with it from a small age.Those myths,stories,gods and goddesses-I am obsessed with them.
And I also love Greek Mythology retellings.
You guys have any recommendations?

10.If I didn't like literature as much as I do,I would have studied criminal psychology

I am quite intrigued by that particular subject.  I've always wanted to study it,but then,I decided to select a career related to literature,so that dream might never come true.

11.I am more comfortable with guys than girls

No drama,no pretending and so much more fun!
I love hanging out with my guy friends more than the girls.
In fact,I am more friends with all my classmate's brothers than the girls themselves.

12.I don't believe in religions

That doesn't mean that I don't believe in God,but I don't believe in any religion.
If there's a God up there who's the father of us all,why do we need a method to worship him?
Why are there rules,regulations and most of all,why do each one of us have to do it in a different way?
I just don't understand the point of them.

13.I love tearjerkers more than HEAs

I love books or movies that leave me a sobbing mess.

It's painful,yes,but still I love them.
I prefer my fiction heartbreaking,emotional,complicated and tragic.

14.When I was a preteen I used to be bitter and depressed

When I look back at the younger me,I don't know whether to cry or laugh.I am glad that I've matured and become the happy girl I am right now,but still,my heart breaks for the girl I was-the girl who hated everything in life,and wanted to give up.

15.I have had a crush on a guy for two years..........and he knows it.

Maybe it sounds so silly for you guys,but the crush I have on that guy is so bittersweet!We haven't spoken a single word to each other for the two years I've known him,but I have a massive crush on him and he knows it.
His secret smiles and knowing smirks make my day!

I probably sound pathetic huh?

16.I am a huge batman fangirl!

Batman's my favourite superhero ever!I really admire his character and has been a fangirl from a really small age.
My favourite take on batman is The Dark Knight trilogy.Christopher Nolan is such a wonderful director,and I loved everything about the movie-the dark and gritty take on it,Heath Ledger's Joker and most of all,Christian Bale as batman!
I have been in love with that man all my life.

So there you go.
Hope you guys got to know me a lot better.
Leave me a comment with some random fact about you.I love hearing random things about people!

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