Feb 13, 2015

How reading changed my views on life

It's amazing how powerful words are.The words on a book can make you feel,laugh,cry and even change your whole life.
We've often come across books which have left a lasting impact in our minds.Books that have made us think,and changed the way we look at life.

When I say that books have greatly influenced my attitude,personality and beliefs,it will be a huge understatement.
Books have molded my character.Reading has made me into the girl I am right now.A girl who's stronger,happier and more mature than the girl who I was before I started to read.

The books I've read have changed the way I look at life.The saying that "readers live a thousand lives" is so true in that matter.They make us experience life in a way we'll never experience ourselves if not for reading.

I personally have learned a lot from the books I've read. I've learned about people,situations,feelings,troubles and many more emotions that I felt through characters in books.

I learned not to judge anyone from Forbidden.After reading Lochan and Maya's beautiful love story I learned that we can never judge someone from their actions.Before reading the book,I would have been utterly disgusted by the concept of incest,but after reading it,I realized that sometimes situations make people do morally and ethically wrong things,and that doesn't make them wrong people,not at all.

An amazing and wonderful cancer victim called Augustus taught me about life and infinities.

The boy who lived told me the power of love,family and friends.

A lot of great YA books showed me the struggles that teenagers like me face around the world.As a girl from a financially stable and happy family,I could never understand issues like these if not for books.Through reading I learned about abuse,harassment. poverty,dysfunctional families,foster homes,rape,mental diseases,heartbreak,betrayals and drugs.I saw that the world was not a wonderful place for everyone.It changed the way I looked at the world and changed the way I lived.

Books made me question things.They made me question my beliefs,to stand up for what's right and to accept things the way they are.They changed me into an open minded girl from the naive girl from a conservative background.

I am sure that this is something that any book lover can relate to.The influence that books have in our lives is just amazing.

And I want to say that for this-teaching me about life-I am eternally grateful to books.As tomorrow's a day when we celebrate love,I want to share about my love and gratitude for books,and the authors behind them.

How do you think books have changed your life?

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