Feb 22, 2015

Love a thon Mini Challenge #4:Snapshots

Hi guys!
It's the second day of the Love a thon and I am quite excited!

Snapshots is all about bookish photographs!It's my favourite challenge as I love taking photographs,though I suck at it:)

Here we go!

Let's start with some book selfies:

Here's a photo I just took with my current read Raven Boys.I didn't get much time to read the book as Love A Thon is keeping me occupied.
Plus I love this shirt!My best friend got it for me as I am a huge chocoholic.

Reading in pyjamas!I love reading at night as there's no disturbance or interruptions to me then.

Who doesn't love a good book to movie adaptation?

I love watching movies that are based on books.The Book Thief is one of my favourites as they've done the best to bring the awesomeness of the book to the screen.
And the soundtrack was just plain amazing!

An ideal evening

A good book,a cup of coffee and some chocolate cupcakes.What more do I need?It's heaven!

Childhood memories

These are technically the first books I've "read".Apparently my parents have bought some Disney audio books for me when I was 3 because they aren't fluent enough in English to read to me.
This picture makes me feel nostalgic:)

Let's appreciate friends!

Love a thon is all about making friends!So I wanted to highlight my favourite friendships in YA.

Something random...

A spiral of books!How does it look?It was fun to make,and my mother looked at me like I've gone mad when I was arranging all these books:)

My favourite bookmark!It's magnetic and completely adorable
(Sorry for the sucky quality of the photo by the way:)

That was fun!
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