Feb 12, 2015

Snail Mail Buddies:An introduction

Love snail mail?Love interacting and swapping things with other bloggers?
Then this feature is something you can relate to!

I've always loved receiving snail mail,especially from other bloggers.There's something so special about those postcards and swag you get from fellow book lovers all around the world.

Recently I saw a post over at Oh the Books where Asti started a book recommendation feature called Bookish Mail,inviting bloggers to swap postcards with her giving book recommendations.
 I really liked the idea,and with her permission borrowed it and here we are with a brand new feature at Chasing Faerytales called Snail Mail Buddies!

I am inviting fellow book nerds all around the world to participate in this feature.I am sure this will be super fun and I am excited to get to know you all better.

Let's swap goodies!We'll start with postcards and sometime later we can also swap bookish swag or even books.

And on a special note,I'll be making my own postcards for this feature!
I'll either create a graphic and print it out or make the postcard from my own hands.
Either way,you'll be receiving custom made postcards from me which will be all book related!

My postcards will contain quotes,fanart and bookish graphics.As much as I'd love to swarm you all with postcards about my country,don't bookish postcards sound fun?

Interested?What are you waiting for then?
Sign up using the form below or shoot me an email and I'll send you a mail back with my address and further details ASAP

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