Feb 17, 2015

Top ten book related problems I have

All of us booknerds have our bookish problems,huh:)?
Here are my personal list of bookish problems,and let me warn you, this may end up being a rant!

My country

This is probably the main cause of most of my bookish woes.As much as I love my country,being a Sri Lankan booknerd is hard,and let me tell you why.

1.Lack of good bookstores and books
Have you ever entered a bookstore and come out empty handed?Do you ever stare at the shelves in a bookstore praying that you'll finally find a good YA book that isn't Twilight?
It's routine for me.
The bookstores in my country suck.They only have one or two shelves of YA books,which will be filled with Twilight and House of Night.
I've often ended up crying in bookstores as I go in with a lot of anticipation with my hard earned savings in hand,only to find that I have to come out empty handed.

2.No bookish events
You know what,attending an author signing is one of my lifetime goals.And I even doubt that will happen.I sigh with envy when I see bloggers posting about their experiences in bookish events and signings.All the signed books and swag I have were all won in giveaways,and I dream that I'll be able to attend an event on my own.

Yeah,I know McAdams.You don't have to remind me:(

3.No one is ready to ship to Sri Lanka

This goes to giveaways,ARCs and even trades.Sometimes even online bookstores don't ship to my country-BookOutlet,I am looking at you,and if they do,the shipping is too much*cough*Amazon*cough*
I know,my life sucks:(

4.Time Zones

The bookish community is awake when I am asleep and asleep when I am awake.Unless I stay up all night-which I do usually-I am never going to keep up with Twitter or any events such as read a thons.
I am okay with the up all night business,but the lack of sleep makes me cranky and drowsy the whole next day.

Apart from my country

5.Lack of a bookish environment

Before I found Goodreads and started blogging,I literally had no one to talk about my obsession with books.
Well,my parents support my love for books,but even they can't understand it.And my extended family is worse.They don't understand a single thing about reading,books,blogging and fandoms and even complain often that I am being stuck up when I read and spend time on my computer rather than making small talk.
My friends are another case.They find the situation amusing.They want me to tell them stories,and believe me,I've spent half of my life being a storyteller to my friends.

But I often wish I can find someone to talk about books.Someone who can understand and share my love for reading.

6.Not enough space

I have a small room.And I have too much things inside it.A bed,two book cupboards,two clothes cupboards and a table with all my school stuff and laptop.
Obviously my room is overcrowded and I don't have enough space to keep my books.

7.Reading Slumps

I get hit with these often,and I hate it!Thankfully my reading slumps don't last too long,and as I am a fast reader,I usually make up for the days I didn't read,but still I hate the feeling of not having any inspiration at all to take up a book.

Well,I am not ashamed to say this.I can't afford books sometimes.They are really expensive,and most of the time when I buy online,the shipping is too high for me to afford it.I really appreciate the effort on my parents' behalf and I don't want to burden them with my book expenses.So I always buy books with my own savings,which isn't enough for the books I want to buy:(

9.Not enough time
Just like all school going booknerds out there,finding time to read is a huge problem for me.There's schoolwork,assignments,homework,exams and friends who want you to spend time with them,and amid all of these,it's hard to find the time to read.

10.I get distracted a lot.

They say that creative people tend to get distracted a lot,and this is a huge problem for me.I often end up giving up a book halfway because I get distracted by some other book,or even something non bookish.Since it's not the book's fault I always give those books a second chance,which sucks since I have to read it all over again to come to a better judgement.

What are your bookish problems?
Leave a link to your list.

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