Feb 19, 2015

What type of a reader are you?

We may all be readers,but our reading habits differ from one another.Some of us are ridiculously fast,some are hypersensitive and some are total book geeks.
And from the habits I've observed,I have listed the types of wonderful readers I've seen.

P.S-This post is a bit crowded with gifs.I am sorry if takes time to load:)

1.The Multi tasker

These type of readers can make time for books,while keeping up with everything else in their life,They manage time efficiently between school,relationships,work,family and other responsibilities.They're awesome,and you can't help but be awed by them.

2.The perfectionist
These ones are so organized!They have spreadsheets and lists regarding their reading schedules.They keep track of their TBR,know what to read next,and kick ass in challenges.They are perfect readers,while the rest of the lazy lot wonder how they can manage it

3.The Couch Potato

The potatoes forget everything when they start to read.They love to select their books by instinct and don't get up from their bed or couch until they finish the book.Either they are too lazy to get up and face reality,or they are totally engrossed in their book.

4.The book whore

These greedy ones can't stick to one book at a time.They read more than one-sometimes too many-books at the same time and  amazingly keep up with all of them without getting mad.

5.Digital addict

They are addicted to their e-readers,and seem to prefer ebooks to physical ones.They are always seen with their kindle,and they appreciate technology and the amount of time they save by downloading ebooks rather than buying books the traditional way.
Though they don't understand that half the fun in buying books is hunting the shelves and finding a book you'll love:)

6.The know it all

They are the Hermione Grangers of the reading and blogging community.They've read everything and they are proud of it!They have read all the hyped up YA books,and even the underrated gems.You can't compete with these wise owls when it comes to book knowledge.

7.The cry baby

These readers have sensitive hearts which is easily broken while reading.They are the ones who've often been seen wiping their eyes and blowing their noses while reading a tearjerker.They can't bear tragedies,and break down as soon as something bad happens

8.High maintenance

They're picky and you can't actually blame them.They check ratings,reviews and ask opinions from every known person before buying a book.They want their books to be great and be worthy of their money,so they carefully select the books they want to read.

9.The "Shelfie" Queen

These readers know how to capture the pages!They're amazing with taking photographs,and their shelfies rock!If books are models,these girls are perfect photograhers.

10.The speed racer

These girls are on fire when they read.They are so fast to the point where they can even read three or more books on the same day.Their speed is amazing,and they're quite dangerous competitors in reading challenges and read-a-thons.

11.The calm and collected

These girls don't stress it.They read at their own pace,whenever they want.They're slow readers,and they enjoy the story as much as possible.They savor the experience.

12..The all rounder

They read all the genres!They try out different genres,and read everything from contemporary to science fiction.Addition to this,they also go for non fiction.They read biographies,poetry and even those self help and inspirational books.

13.The show off

They take their books everywhere,to camping,vacations,shopping and even to parties.They aren't ashamed to show the world that they are bookworms.In fact they even take pride in showing off their books and reading skills.

14.The day dreamer

They have overactive imaginations,and day dream about books,characters and the world building.They create imaginative scenarios in their head,write and read fanfiction and sometimes even imagine themselves as a character in a particular book.They zone out often during boring conversations and lectures and talk about books with a passion that's mesmerizing

15.She's got swag!

These girls' instagram accounts are the envy of all readers out there.They have amazing bookish swag lined up,from bookmarks,signed swag,bookish clothes,mugs,posters and lots of great stuff.And the less fortunate of us can just sigh at their photos with an expression of

16.The fanatic

These readers take the term 'book nerd' to a whole new level.They know even the minute details of each books and fandoms.They know the birthdays of all characters,have theories about books and are familiar with all the quotes from their favourite books.

17.The Catalyst

They start all the hype!These readers don't stop with reading but go on to recommend it to every single fellow reader they know,creating a hype for a book and making it famous.Readers look up for these catalysts for recommendations,and they never fail to give good ones.

18.The goody two shoes

These one are so responsible!They read their ARCs in time,they feel bad to DNF books and see the best in characters,and tries to overlook even the worst traits in a story.
Well,it must be really hard to be a goody two shoes:)

19.The easily distracted

They love books,but they can't help but be distracted easily and zone out while doing their favourite hobby.They need action paced and eventful books to keep them engrossed,otherwise,they'll feel sleepy soon.

20.The critic

It's not easy to please these readers.They have read a lot,and are often judgmental.If a book need to impress them,it has to offer a lot.

Among these types I personally am the couch potato,cry baby,bookwhore,high maintenance and day dreamer.

What type of a reader are you?
Could you relate to anything up there?

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