Mar 13, 2015

Controversial and dark concepts in books

I was inspired to write this post by this week's theme of Contemporary Conversations.This week is dedicated to the "hard stuff"-mental diseases,social issues etc.I wanted to be a little bolder,so instead of trying out 'lighter',beautiful and heartbreaking books,I went for darker stuff.

So this whole week,I read books that made me uncomfortable,that were disturbing,thought provoking and were absolutely amazing in their own way.
So based on my experience this week,I want to ask you all,how do you like controversial and dark concepts in books?

Now you guys are probably asking,"how dark"?,or what I mean as controversial.So first let me introduce you some of the concepts I tried out to give you a better idea.

And let me warn you,these are not for the lighthearted:)

Having a sexual relationship with a blood relation:sibling,parent,child etc.

The first book that probably comes to your mind when I say this word is Forbidden.Most of you would have read that heartbreaking and beautiful story about a brother and sister who falls in love with each other despite knowing that it's morally wrong.
Long story short,it's one of my favourite books ever,it broke my heart and if you haven't read it yet,please go read it,as I assure you that you'll be like this after you finish it.

But that's not it.In fact,incest has been part of fiction ever since Shakespeare-as Hamlet is a great example for that.As for popular culture,there's the creepily beautiful novel about a family which is locked down in an attic.In  Flowers in the Attic  we see the consequences of two kids growing up in a confined space together.This book is creepy and disturbing,and to top it off,it's actually a series!

Coming back to heartbreaking and beautiful novels-there's Flawed,which is not an incestual love story,but still the concept plays a huge part in it.This book is about the obsession and darkness of this concept.However,it's not creepy,and I think that fans of Forbidden might enjoy this book as well.

A situation where the victim starts to develop feelings for his/her captor.

You'll never have an idea just how dark the books with this concept are.
Before reading these books,I never understood how in the world someone can fall in love with their kidnappers.
The books proved me wrong and I couldn't help but be blown over,by these emotional and raw tales of broken and damaged characters.

I should probably start with the lightest of the lot.Stolen:A letter to my captor is a beautiful book that's written in the form of a letter from the MC to the boy who kidnapped her.This book broke my heart to shreds,and I fell hopelessly in love with the kidnapper alongside the victim,as the messed up,broken and vulnerable boy captured a place in my heart.

Moving on to the darker ones, Captive in the Dark is about a girl who is kidnapped as a sex slave.The guy who kidnaps her is a slave himself,and she is his way of escaping.This book is disturbing,but it's so beautifully written that I was drowning in feels when I read it.I also have to warn you that it's mature-I had to skip a lot of scenes,as I normally don't read sex scenes-but it's worth taking the risk,because this book is just so amazing and emotional to miss.

You guys are probably thinking,"there's nothing dark about this concept!".But trust me,it is.
And I am not talking about love stories between teachers and students,like in Slammed and Losing It,that might appeal to romantics.
I am talking about dangerous affairs between an older teacher and younger student with huge age gaps,that ruin lives,wreck marriages and end up in disasters.

Best example,is the good old Lolita.It's about a man who is obsessed with a twelve year old girl.As sick as it sounds,it's actually a beautifully written book,and is considered as a masterpiece.
But truth to be told,I don't actually get it why people see it as one:)

Plus,there's Innocents-an underrated book that's disturbing and hyptonizing.It's about a 16 year old lonely orphan girl who seduces her 34 year old teacher with feigned innocence and skilled acting and takes them both along a journey of lust and self destruction.This book is messed up,but I think it's a  must read,especially as it is actually written by a teenager.

There are books like Taming the Beast,The Yearning and Sweetest Taboo which talk about such affairs damaging the lives of the girls forever.In one of them,the teacher is actually married and has kids who are the same age as the girl he has an affair with.

Now,that I have given an insight on the concepts,I want to ask your opinions on such topics.
I myself have a love hate relationship with them.I love trying out new concepts and genre,as I have a pretty open mind,and a thirst for intense and complicated plot lines in fiction.Sometimes they are totally out of my comfort zones,but I love pushing the limits,so these books work for me,though I can't actually say I enjoy them all.

But I know that some readers stay away from controversial and dark stuff.They don't want to be uncomfortable while reading,disturbed by a book and try out things that are out of their comfort zone.

What about you?Are you the reader who likes to stay safe,or the one like me,who wants to be a little bolder?

Feel free to leave a comment.I'd love to know your opinion.

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