Mar 1, 2015

Let's have some contemporary conversations!

Looks like March is going to be a month for contemporary!
Kayla @ The Thousand Lives and Veronica @ The Talking Bookworm are hosting an event called Contemporary Conversations throughout March and are inviting all bloggers to join them in a month of reading and discussing contemporary.
There's still time to join!Go sign up and learn more here

So,why am I excited?

I am really excited for this event as contemporary is my favourite genre!As much as I love myself some paranormal and urban fantasy,contemporary will always be my one true love.
I love being swept off by emotions,drowning in feels,swooning over cute guys,gushing over beautiful romances and learning a lot of life lessons.
I am so happy to be part of Contemporary Conversations,as this is going to be a great chance for me to read more in my favourite genre.

What am I going to read?

Well,truth to be told,I have no idea:)
I've always made it clear that I suck at organizing,so I haven't actually planned much.
Aside from some obvious choices from my TBR list,I am still hunting down for titles to read this month.
I know,I am hopeless:)

The first week is dedicated to Coming of Age books.
You guys have any recs for me?

What am I going to discuss?

Surprisingly,I actually have some great ideas for discussion posts:)So expect some contemporary related discussion posts in my blog this month!

I am so excited for the event and I am sure I am going to love this month!
Don't forget to leave me some recommendations.
And if you love contemporary,don't forget to sign up for Contemporary Conversations!
I have a feeling that it's going to be awesome.

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