Mar 16, 2015

A trouble magnet,a hot sheriff and some suspense || Nothing But Trouble by J.L.Hammer

Title:Nothing But Trouble
Release Date:November 17th 2014
Publisher:Entangled:Select Suspense
She's the kind of trouble he can't resist ... 

With an angry loan shark hot on her heels, Frankie Delenski flees a Vegas gentlemen’s club with one thought in mind: hide before she’s nothing more than a chalk outline. Now on the run...she finds herself stranded in a sleepy Colorado town during a storm. Her only salvation becomes the suspicious and gorgeous deputy sheriff determined to arrest her...

 From the get-go, Wes Malone must restrain his lust for this stunning, unpredictable woman in a sequined bra and rely on his instincts as a cop. As he sifts through the haze of lies, the truth about her predicament is like a sucker punch to the gut. She’s in serious danger and getting involved with her means nothing but sweet, irresistible trouble…

Now if you're looking for a serious read,or a heartbreaking one like those I've been recommending recently,this book won't work for you.But if you are in a mood for a light,funny,romantic and entertaining read,like I was when I took this up as I've spent this whole previous week reading some intense stuff,then I'd really recommend Nothing But Trouble to you.

Frankie is a trouble magnet who works as a waitress in a gentlemen's club in Las Vegas.Currently broke after her father's death,she borrows money from a loan shark who starts to threaten her when she finds herself unable to return the money.Finding herself in a sticky situation,she runs away to Colorado and practically beak into a house when her car breaks down,only to find that it's the house of a deputy sheriff.

Frankie was truly a piece of work.She was naive and funny and I loved this girl who sometimes behaved endearingly idiotic.She talks and acts without thinking and often finds herself in trouble because of it.At times I found her adorable but I also wanted to shake her badly for the stupid decisions she made.

Wes is hot,bitter and utterly tired of women after getting cheated by his wife who left him for another man.He was the perfect love interest for someone as Frankie.While she was energetic,flighty and full of action,Wes is totally irritated by this woman who just turned his life upside down by barging into his house unexpectedly.

The romance was cute,hot and I loved it!Surprisingly it was really tame for an adult book.In fact I think that Nothing But Trouble could easily pass for a Young Adult book if not for the age of the characters.But still,the sexual tension was so high!These two characters fought like cat and dog for half of the book,and it was so cute!I loved every single one of their adorable banters:)

And of the best thing about this book was the characters!They were all so quirky and funny.Apart from the main two,there was Lily-Frankie's best friend,who was a fierce Asian who made sure to give all the bad guys a hard time,Wes's weird grandfather and grandson neighbours and even the loan shark Domino,who reminded me of Jack Nicholson's character in The Departed.

Overall Nothing But Trouble is quite an entertaining and hilarious read with a cute romance and some great suspense to keep you on the edge.Whether you'll enjoy this book or not solely depends on your timing and mood when you read this.If you are interested,make sure to pick it up when you really are desperate for some fun and lightness from your book.

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