Mar 19, 2015

Would we love our book boyfriends if they were real?

After seeing the post title,you guys are probably thinking along the lines of,"Of course we would!What kind of a question is that?" with an expression like this.

Well,after all,it's the impossible dream of every fangirl,right?We wish that our book boyfriends are real,or if we are a bit realistic,that someone like them will exist in real life.

But my question is that,if that happens,will we actually love them like we do in the books?

I don't think so.

The fictional guys we often fall for, are never perfect.Some of them are pure assholes,with not only a bad boy exterior but also a pretty rude and arrogant attitude.The fact that we readers have a huge soft spot for bad guys doesn't help the situation,as YA is kinda overloaded with them as a result of their popularity among readers.

Now imagine if these guys actually existed in real life.Those tattooed,pierced,arrogant and flirty boys that girls are always taught to stay away from:)Will you ever even think of falling for such guys?So if Noah Hutchins,Isaiah Walkers,the Fuentes brothers or even the good old Christian Grey were real,will they still be your dream guys?

And most of the time,the main reason why we fall for such guys is because we get to see their true side when we read about them.Would you ever have imagined that we'll end up loving Warner after reading Shatter Me?That we'll fall head over heels in love with the villain after reading a novella from his own pov?

Let me take my own favourite book boyfriend as an example-Adrian Ivashkov.He's a misunderstood,rich guy who smokes,drinks and womanizes.If I saw him in real life,I would probably judge him in the same way that others from the series did.But by reading the books,I got to know him deeply,and I discovered the vulnerable and damaged side of him that's often hidden.

Words show these boys' true character,intentions,weaknesses and reasons.That's why we fall for these otherwise unlikable leading guys.To the point that we intimately know them,that we can easily look past their exteriors which often lead other characters to misjudge them.

But that's just my opinion.What do you think?Will we fall for our fictional boyfriends if they are real?

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