Apr 23, 2015

A new feature!

Hi my dear marshmallows!
I hope life is treating you all well.

Anyway,today I am quite excited to tell you about something I've been planning for days,and finally executed.
There's going to be a brand new feature at Chasing Faerytales!
And it's going to be called.............

Just like the title suggests,this feature is going to involve everything related to my life.I personally believe that a book blog doesn't need to be 100% bookish,and I've always loved sharing my personal life with my lovely readers,so I decided to make it a feature so that I can have an excuse to talk about random stuff in my life.

This idea came to me after seeing the comments and responses I got for my review for Damsel Distressed a few days ago.I confessed some personal baggage of mine,and I was completely blown away by the love and support you guys showed me after reading it.And it felt really good to let it all out.And that's when I realized that it shouldn't be a one time thing.

So with "A Little Bit of Everything",I'll talk about random stuff about my life,my likes and interests,my passions and beliefs.
All in all,this feature is going to be a collection of non-bookish discussion posts.

I hope that you all will like the new feature.
I am so excited for this and I'll be back with my first edition of A Little Bit of Everything soon!

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