Apr 30, 2015

April Wrap Up

April has been a fun filled month for me!The only drawback being the unpredictable weather here in my country.It's unbearably hot one moment and rains heavily the next.

Anyway let's see how my April went

What I Read

Damsel Distressed by Kelsey Macke
Adorkable by Sarah Manning
Prom Nights from Hell by Meg Cabot,Stephenie Meyer,
Lauren Myracle,Kim Harrison and Michele Jaffe
Runaway Wife by Charlotte Lamb
Except my Love by Mary Burchell
Narvla's Celtic New Year by Therese Gilardi.

Currently Reading

Scarlet by A.C.Gaughen

What I posted


Discussion posts

I talked about reading in public

I listed my reasons to why we need more diverse books.


I made a list of my top ten author superheroes

I introduced a new feature- A little bit of everything!

Around the Blogosphere

Cait made a fabulous list of the ten type of fangirls.

Nova sarcastically shares the secret to create a perfect bad boy

Wondering how to organize your bookshelf?Asti suggests color coordinating!

Kaitlin shares a few tips to keep track of review copies.

    Valerie posted about  the art of skimming

Bookish and blogging community news

1.#ACOTARParty! It was a twitter chat organized by Hafsah @ Icey Books and Sarah J.Mass answered a lot of questions.Fortunately I woke up just in time for the chat,and here are some of the best tweets!

And she answered a question of mine!

2.Cora Cormack announced her new novel All Closed Off and with that created a hashtag #Whenithappened and invited women all around the world to share their own story of sexual assault.It's beautiful and heartbreaking.Check it out here

What's hot in the world and internet

1.Avengers 2 is in theaters!I am excited but still I am hesitating a bit as I am getting disappointed with superhero movies nowadays.Well,let's see.

2.Speaking of superhero movies,the trailer of Dawn of Justice was revealed and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw that.Ben Affleck is so wrong for Batman!I really don't get the point of making a batman movie so soon after The Dark Knight Rises,because that trilogy and Christian Bale's batman left a huge impact on fans and I am not sure whether DoJ will be up to that standard.

3.Grey's Anatomy broke hearts again.Shonda Rhimes killed a beloved character again and it devastated fans.
Is she trying to be the next George R.R.Martin?

Tweet of the month

Personally my April

1.Me and my friends spent a whole unproductive day together and it was amazing!We went out and ate junk food,got together at one girl's house and had a shuffled movie marathon with a sappy romantic drama,black comedy and a horror.
And during night we prank called all my friends' boyfriends!
One of them received the worst!We called him and a friend of mine hysterically confessed that she's his ex-girlfriend and that she's pregnant and he's got to face the consequences.
Poor guy nearly cried:)

2.I submitted my admission for my Advanced Levels!I'll be doing A/Ls in the Fine Arts stream with my main subject as Literature.School's starting on the 18th of May and I am so excited yet nervous as I am going to have a whole bunch of new classmates.

3.My best friend left me alone and went to Thailand for vacation:(We've been texting everyday but still I miss her terribly.

4.I received my first print ARC!Yay!
I am happy but a lot confused because I never sent a request.At all.
What am I supposed to do now?

5.I cut my hair!It used to be waist length,but now it's just up to my shoulders.I thought I'll regret it but I am loving my new look!And it's so much easier to manage.

How was your April?

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