Apr 9, 2015

Reading in public.

We readers prefer to be tucked in our bedrooms with a good book and a cup of coffee rather than going out,don't we?
But despite our preferences,we do have to go out.And socialize.If we don't we'll end up as crazy cat lonely ladies when we get old.

Which is what I suspect most of us are going to end up as:)

So when we get out of our houses,squint our eyes at the sun and go face the public,do we take our books as well?

That brings me to the original question,do you read in public?

First of all,let me clear what I mean by public in this case.Technically if you ask me,it's any other place filled with people that isn't your house or the library.You may take a book to the public,either because you're bored or really don't feel like socialising.

Now let us analyse the pros and cons of reading in public.

Reading a book at social events will help you ignore people you don't want to talk with.
I love talking,I really do.But sometimes you are forced in situations where you have to listen to people making small talk that's more boring than watching The English Patient.(I mean,have you even seen the movie?It's probably the most dragging movie I've ever seen in my life.)

The worst time when this happens,is weddings.Especially those kind of weddings where you get to meet distant relatives who just enter half grown into your lives on days like that.
How wonderful!

Or maybe they're strangers.You end up in an unfortunate situation when suddenly a stranger sits in the seat next to you and wants to know your whole life history.

Whatever the situation is,I will be utterly bored if the conversation is not about something I am interested in.
Then I have to make gestures like this to make them understand my lack of interest.

But then,if I take a book,I won't have these problems at all.We can just take our e-readers and kindle and don't even have to pretend like we are the least bit interested.

And if someone tries to disturb me even then,I think I just have to say this.

You can manage your time.
We really don't have time for reading sometimes,huh?So I think reading in public will help us make some.How much time do we waste while waiting for the bus or train,sitting in the airport,travelling by bus or even in weddings like I pointed above.In that way,reading can be an useful way to utilise our time effectively.

Showing Off

Who doesn't love showing off that they read?Whether you like to admit or not,we take pride in the fact that we read.And you've got to admit,that when you read in public,it kinda gives you a sophisticated aura.Like people will look at you think,"Oh wow,she reads,I didn't know that a lot of teenagers could do that"

Watching Ellen videos all March has spoiled me,I guess;)

Well,on the other hand,reading in public can also be a tricky business.

You can't read whatever you want.
Will you dare to read Fifty Shades of Grey while travelling in a bus?Or read a historical romance story with 'bodice ripper' cover when you are in the sitting room of a hospital?
I don't think so.
When you read in public,you have to be conscious of what you read.You can't read popular controversial erotic novels,books with provocative covers or those kind of girly cute book covers that adults will frown over.

But then,of course,you can be a brave,rebellious girl who doesn't give a care about what other people think.If you are,I salute you,but we know that it won't be the case with half of us.

You can't show emotions.

I show a lot of emotions when I read.I laugh,I cry and it amuses my friends quite a lot,that they say it's really cute watching me read.
But I actually doubt it:)

But I can't do that in public places can I?If I suddenly laugh,people look at me like I've gone mad.Or if I cry,they'll be like.

I mean,can't they see that I am crying?
Do I look like I am checking whether my tear glands are working?
Of course,I am crying.My favourite character just died.
But then,sadly,people don't actually understand the feeling often.

Finding the correct position

Let me ask you all,has anyone of you mastered a perfect position for reading?
I haven't still,and I think that's the case with most readers.Even while sitting in the most comfortable armchair,it's hard to be in the same position for more than five minutes when you're reading..
Now if this is the case when you're at home,what about being in public?

Reading in public quite often result in back aches.And until we find the perfect way to sit when you read,this is inevitable.

People start to think you're stuck up.

Now this is the biggest problem of all.People think I am being rude,and snobby when I read in public places with a lot of people.They don't realize that I am not in the mood for conversation,or I am too engrossed in my current read to pay any attention to my surroundings.Rather they just come to the conclusion that I am antisocial and prude.

And I don't think it's actually a flattering impression.

Having said that,let me ask you all,do you read in public?
Have you experienced the liberties and woes of reading a book in crowded places?
Is there any pro or con I missed?

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