May 13, 2015

A new look,some announcements and a giveaway!

Hi guys!

As you've probably already noticed,Chasing Faerytales has got a new look!

I am crap at design or anything that includes coding and html (despite getting an A in my O/L IT exam:)) so my blog wasn't really lucky in the design department until now:)

I relied on free downloadable blogger templates but then decided to reach out and ask the assistance of someone which brought me to Hazel.

Thanks to Hazel @ Stay Bookish who did my design and bore with me even though I might have been a pain to work with sometimes (if I was,I am sorry luv!:)),since I know she was super busy with exams and suddenly Disqus decided to play hide and seek with us,giving me almost a heart attack:),Chasing Farytales now has its own unique look which I think looks really cute and beautiful!

What do you guys think?

*Bites nails nervously*

Plus I've got some news to tell you!

First and foremost,I am starting my Advanced Levels next Monday!Which means,yours truly,who has been lazily lounging at home all day and night for almost six months (Sri Lankan education is the best when it comes to holidays:)),I am going to start school again next week! It will make me a bit busy,but I'll try to be available as much as I can!

Next is that I am going to visit Philippines in July! I am planning to be there for ten days,and I can't wait to meet my Filipino friends!And if any of you my darling readers are from Philippines,we should meet up! I'll be staying in Makati,Manila.

Last but not least,is that I am going to join my lovely friend Rachel over at her blog A Perfection Called Books as a co-blogger! I am so excited and since Rachel is a sweetheart,I think I am going to love co-blogging with her!

I've given you guys too much to digest,huh?:)

To lighten up I have a giveaway for you all!

You can win a book up to $12 in Book Depository.
International even if BD doesn't ship to your country.
(Because I know how much it sucks when you're out of favour when it comes to giveaways:))

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