May 8, 2015

A Little Bit of Everything #2 || Do you let your beliefs influence your relationships?

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Hi guys,

Before I start discussing,let me tell you all a small recent story.

My friend went to Thailand for vacation a couple of days ago,and recently a few of my friends got together and had a sleepover where she told us her experience there.
And suddenly,she stated that apparently there were a lot of gay and queer people there,and she was pretty much disgusted by seeing all those people who were behaving weirdly.Her words not mine.
And the rest of all my friends gave a simultaneous expression of disgust and revulsion.

Maybe if anyone of you had been in my situation,and supported LGBT rights like me,you would have been brave enough to talk back.

But I just kept quiet because I knew if I talked,a fight will break.

Was I right in doing so?I don't know.But that incident made me think a lot.

When your beliefs interfere with your relationships?What do you do?
Do you talk for what's right,or just let it go to save your relationships?

You guys all know that I am from Sri Lanka.It is a conservative Asian country where certain beliefs and opinions are pretty much imposed on children and even adults.The LGBT community is frowned upon,atheists are criticised and racism and sexism plays a huge part in our day to day life.

As a teenager from such a country,I would have been the same,if I hadn't started reading.Books have made me question things and broadened my mind to the point where my beliefs are now completely opposed to what I was taught as a child.

That also means that the people in my life don't share my views.It amuses,confuses and even angers a few of them when I let them know what I believe in and my reasons for doing so.

But do I let that influence my relationship with them?

No.Because if I did,I'll pretty much be all alone and friendless because no one in my life.shares my beliefs and views.

So I've learned to just let it go.

For example,I don't believe in religion.But one of my best friends,is really religious and sentimental.Every morning she comes to school and applies vibhuti (a sacred ash used by hindus) on my forehead and prays for me.
I just smile and let her because why should I spoil her satisfaction?

But in return I want them to respect my beliefs

Which fortunately a few do in my life.My parents-though religious-never force me to go to church with them.My two best friends never argue with me about the LGBT community even though they're clearly anti gay.

But not everyone does that.

I come from a culture where women are discriminated.They should stay at home,look after children,shouldn't talk back or even go along with it when their husband is infidel.
Where everyone should have a religion and not following one makes someone a bad person.
Where people who belong to the LGBT community are openly criticised,frowned upon and bullied.

So when I express my views,I get a lot of criticism.Teachers,adults even people of my own age,disagree and I've got into a lot heated debates and verbal fights.

But then I realised that I am only wasting my time,and breaking bonds by doing so.I really can't change these people.So why try?
And why let my beliefs ruin my relationships with people?

And how can I judge these people just because they have certain beliefs when after all,I believe in equality?

But that's just my opinion.I know that you guys may think otherwise.

So tell me,do you let your beliefs dictate your relationships?
Do you let it go like me or fight for your views no matter the consequences?
Feel free to leave me a comment.

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