May 29, 2015

I am looking for a co blogger

All of you guys know that I started Advanced Levels two weeks ago.It feels amazing to be back in school after six months, but to tell the truth, it's not easy. Apart from school work - which is getting tougher as this is A/Ls, I am also part of hundred clubs and unions - which frustrates me but I love them all the same:), so I am really finding it a bit hard to manage blogging like I did before.

This made me come to a decision, and it was not easy to say the truth, As the title clearly suggests, I am going to get a co blogger, and I thought about this a lot, because this means I have to share my baby with someone else, but came to the decision that I have to do it.

And I have a few requirements, conditions for my co- blogger. I know I might sound a bit snobby here, but any blogger will be possessive and protective of their blog and I really want to make some things clear beforehand.

  • I am asking for a long time commitment. If you're not sure about this, or going to drop out after 6 months, please don't apply!
  • You must post an original content at least once a week. And that excludes memes and blog tours.
  • You're welcome to post anything you want - reviews,discussion posts,personal posts etc.But please consult me before you sign up for blog tours or start doing memes, because I don't do them often here at Chasing Faerytales
  • You can use Chasing Faerytales' stats for getting ARCs.
  • You must have a twitter handle! Twitter brings a lot of pageviews for my blog and it's a great platform to meet other bloggers, so if you don't have one, please make one.
  • Read my review policy and let me know if you want any changes in the genres that are reviewed in this blog, but please no Erotica, religious or spirituality,self help and MG books! 
  • I use Disqus as my commenting platform, so please create an account and learn how to use it.
  • Atleast for the first few months, consult me before you publish a post.
  • Commenting back is a must! Cherish the comments you get for a post, and please return the favour!

If you're ok with these requirements, drop me an email at with the subject as "co blogger" and include these things.

1.Name and country
2.If you already own a blog, name and link
3. Age and what you're currently doing
( So that I can understand how tight your schedule is)
4. Social media links.
5. Do we know each other?
6.Why do you want to join Chasing Faerytales?
7. Links of you reviews. I need at least one positive and one negative.
And if you can, links to two discussion posts.
8. Do you think that we can work together?
9.Random stuff about yourself, so I can get to know you.
10.Any requirements you have for me?

I close the applications by the 15th of June.

P.S- Thanks to Melanie's post on co blogging, which inspired me to finally go on to take the step to look for one.

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