Jun 24, 2015

Blogging has changed me a lot as a person

When I started blogging, what I initially thought about it, is that it's a hobby which will give me a chance to talk about something I love - books - and get to interact with people with the same interests and passions as me.

But now, after 6 months of being involved in it, I've discovered something beautiful.

Blogging is not just about books. It's certainly not just a hobby.

It's a beautiful and amazing life experience.

I've never actually felt the need to talk about how much blogging means to me. I mean, I've always thought it's obvious that every single book blogger out there loves what they're doing. After all, it's the reason why we stay up all night, spend all our energy and sometimes neglect our personal life totally, to invest all our time, energy and imagination to develop our respective corners of the internet.

But recently, it's kinda evident, that the blogosphere is going through a rocky phase. It's almost over, and everything is back to normal now, as we always bounce back even after the worst drama. But still, I felt that I wanted to share my thoughts on how amazing blogging is and how much it has made an impact in my life.

Blogging has made me more brave and confident.

I am probably one of the most insecure person you'll ever meet in your life. Past experiences and my utter lack of self confidence at times, has made me a person who always self doubt myself. As a result, I've never felt confident enough to go forward and let out my thoughts and ideas.

But after I became a blogger, I became brave enough to talk about a lot of things openly, regardless of the consequences and my own insecurity. I have shared my most personal and ugliest stories with you all, and never feared that you guys will judge me. Talked about pretty controversial and sensitive concepts in my discussion posts, and I was never once afraid of what others will think of me.

And as a result when I hear other bloggers say that my posts are thought provoking and inspirational, I can't help but feel elated and proud and sometimes wonder in disbelief, how I became this person who's now never afraid to speak my mind.

Blogging has made me feel like I matter

When my readers listen to my recs, my advice and when people agree with me and mention me as one of the bloggers they adore, and overall make me feel like I do matter, like my views, opinions and voice matter, I consider it as my greatest accomplishment:)

Blogging has made me feel like I belong

I've always been that girl in school who's lost and clueless when it comes to stereotypes and cliques. The one who never fit in at school, with family and friends. I've always felt like I am too different and too detached from the people in my life, which has made me a lonely child for most of my life,

But then, I discovered blogging and the community. I discovered a lot of people who not only share my love for books, but various other aspects of life as well. People who'll understand me if I gush about my OTP or book boyfriend, celebrate with me when I hit a milestone and understand my happiness if I received an ARC or gained a lot of followers.

Blogging has introduced me to the best batch of people I've ever encountered in life.

The blogging community is amazing. It's friendly, supportive and super cool, to be honest:) We do have some glitches here and there in the form of dramas, a little bit of envy and some bad nuts. But otherwise, it's probably one of the best community to be a part of and I am so proud and blessed to be one of its members.

It's not just about interacting about our love for books anymore. I've realized that the community is so much more. We're always there to wish each other on their birthdays, send virtual hugs and cookies when someone's going through a tough phase in their life, send good luck and positive vibes to everyone who's going to face an exam, interview or an important step in their life and most of all, stand up to each other when someone from the community is facing a drama or an offender regarding to their blog or opinion shared in social media.

When something bad happens, there's always someone to come up with an idea to bring the positivity back, whether it's through a twitter chat or a love project. Always someone to back up a friend or a blogger buddy when we're stuck in a sticky situation. No matter where in the corner of the world we live in, we're all friends, all sisters connected by our mutual love for books.

Finally, blogging has made me mature.

At times, I forget that I am 16 year old. I feel like an adult, organizing events, features, dealing with publishers and authors and interacting with people far older than me without feeling for a single moment that I am a adolescent and they're an adult.
And come on, I've become famous!:)
The postman knows me by name, my new classmates (they're awesome by the way:) are fascinated with me and my blog and when word got around, I've become one of the coolest kids in school!:)

Aside, all of that, I've learned how to handle things, people and situations. I've experienced a lot, which I wouldn't have if I've been a normal teenager. I mean, come on, I am even going to fly all alone to PH this July, and I used to be afraid to even go to the next town alone to get something done:)

Having said all of that, I also want to mention that I absolutely adore being a blogger and starting Chasing Faerytales is probably one of the best decisions I took in life!:)

So anyone, who's tired or in the verge of giving up, think of all the best things about blogging. Think of why you invested all your time and energy into putting your thoughts into words for others to read,
And don't forget to share them to the world, because blogging is amazing,but it also needs to be said often, especially in times like this.

So tell me, what has blogging done to you? How much does it matter and mean to you?
Feel free to leave a comment!

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