Jun 3, 2015

I am writing my first book!

If you've been a reader of my blog for some time, you would have known that I've always wanted to be a writer. It's my dream, and it's everything I wanted to be since I was a really small kid.

So a few days ago, something big happened!

I started writing my first book!

Well, this is huge for me, as I've always doubted my writing dreams, and even posted something about it not too long ago.
And you guys left such amazing and encouraging responses that gave me all the support I needed!:)

So it makes me so happy to let you know. That I finally started writing!

So, all the happiness aside, let's get to the juicy details shall we?

What am I writing about?

So this other day, while I was in the shower, I got this brilliant idea which I immediately started developing for days and finished a rough yet epic outline for what my book is going to be!

My story is going to be based on Indian and Hindu mythology. It's a fantasy with a concept of dimensions and kingdoms, my characters are going to face a lot of obstacles and go on some epic journeys between realms and there's going to be a lot of wars!

Well, how does that sound?

*bites nails nervously*

And there's another important fact! My book is going to have a serious lack of white characters! Almost every character is going to be Asian, with a few significant exceptions, and I am going to give you all an expert's insight on South Asian culture!:)

And I also have some delicious characters planned! I have picked out names, built their characters and I can't wait to share them with you all!
I have a quirky heroine, a nerdy love interest complete with geek glasses and most of all an awesome, epic villain! 

And I've got to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported me through comments and in twitter. I have a feeling that this idea is going to turn out all right!:)

And for a sneak peek, here's the first line of my book!
"The heavy rain and bellowing thunder was like nature’s protest to the bloodbath that was going on below. "

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