Jun 20, 2015

It's my 6 month blogoversary!

Hey my lovely readers! My baby is 6 months old today!:) 
I am so happy and decided to hold a party, because why not?:)

These past 6 months have been awesome!
I've had a lot of fun, got to know a lot of awesome people and learnt a lot of lessons both for my blog and for life.

I know it's only 6 months, but it feels like a long time, tbh.
So, today, I wanted to reflect back at these amazing 182 days.

What has happened to Chasing Faerytales?

My baby, which was created on the 21st of December 2014, has grown quite a lot from a teeny weeny toddler to an almost walking adolescent:)
It also had a sudden growth spurt in these last few months, and I hope it will continue:)

Let's see some stats, shall we?

Posts : 72
Site visitors : 17,936
Followers :
- Twitter - 778
- Bloglovin' - 383

I know that it isn't a lot, but I personally am pretty happy and proud of what my blog has achieved so far:)

This also brings me to a pretty important announcement!

You guys all know that I've been looking for a co blogger for some time. And guess what, I've finally found my perfect co blogger!

All my lovely readers, say hi to my new partner in crime and co blogger of Chasing Faerytales, Jillian!

You might know her as the blogger from Jillian's Books. She's such a sweet and amazing blogger and I am so excited to announce that she's joining me at my blog.

She won't join until July, but we've already planned a lot of exciting things for the blog.
Check out Jillian's own announcement here and don't forget to tune in by the start of July for her official introduction here as a co blogger!

Now that I've made my announcement, let's get back to the topic:)

What has happened to me, as a blogger?

In these 6 months, being a blogger at Chasing Faerytales, has influenced me a lot personally. I've got to know a lot of amazing people of the book blogging community, developed my taste in books, learnt a lot of blogging lessons the hard way and most of all, become a part of a wonderful and beautiful community that has always made me feel like my opinions, views and words matter!

I've become more open with my views, dared to share even the most personal aspects of my life, and become more brave, more passionate and certainly better at my writing.

And all of this happened because of you all, my wonderful readers. You guys offered me virtual hugs and made me shed happy tears with your comments to my very personal post about insecurity and it's toll in my life. Supported me when I was down during a blogger- author drama. Encouraged me when I told that I had self doubts regarding my writing dream and rejoiced with me when I finally found the courage and inspiration to start my book.

Everyone of you has been with me, supported me and made this 6 months possible. I want to say that I love everyone of you and am eternally grateful to you all from the bottom of my heart.

It's time for some thank yous.

Here's a tribute to all my lovely blogger friends who've made this 6 months awesome.

Nuz - my fellow SL blogger who has been like an elder sister to me, when it comes to blogging. Hazel - without whom I'd be hopeless with regard to coding, design and anything that requires HTML. Rachel - my darling perfectionist co blogger:). Cait - my speed reading buddy and the queen of awesomeness. Kelly - the writer of beautiful reviews and hilarious tweets. Melanie - my go-to person for fairytale retelling recs. Jillian - my sweet blogging buddy, and now, co blogger. Nova - who inspires me to be more daring in my posts. Kaitlin - with whom I share my oldest and longest blogging friendship. Christy - we bonded over our mutual love for Captain Hook. Asti and Kelley - thanks for linking my discussion posts in your weekly recaps! Nara - the high fantasy expert. Jules - I am in awe with this girl's artistic talent. Jeann - with whom I can fangirl over superheroes. Aimee - whose negative reviews are my favourite:) Faye - I look forward to our #RandomYAParty every Sunday. Melanie - who inspired me to finally go on to look for a co blogger. Chiara - I love this girl's hair! Nicole - I often forget that she's as old as my mom:) Benish - who brings out thought provoking discussion topics. Megan - who leaves the best comments. Shannelle - whose lettering I swoon over. Pam - with whom I rant about the unfair life of an International book blogger. Veronika - who is a sweetheart and a lovely friend.

And also to my new twitter buddies!

I look forward to have more conversations with you all!

Amber | Paula | Ruzaika | Xander | Erin | Rachana | Lillian | Kaitlin | Nori | Beatrice | Mei | Kristen

And also to every single person who've read my posts, commented on them, linked them in your recap posts, shared them through social media and to everyone who stopped by my blog or twitter to talk to me, I love you all, and thanks a lot for being awesome!

What's a party without treats?

Thanks for joining my party everyone, and as a treat, I am hosting a giveaway!

One person will win a book (or two) upto $ 20 in The Book Depository.
Giveaway is International

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