Jul 7, 2015

Announcing a new event - Learnt it the Hard Way!

Hi guys!

If you follow me on twitter, you would have already seen this coming, as I've been tweeting about "a new project" I am working on quite often!

And today's the day to reveal what the new project is all about!

It's a new event, hosted by yours truly and my lovely co blogger Jillian, and it's called Learnt it the Hard Way!

It's the first time I am hosting an event, and the first project that Jillian and I are working together on, so we're pretty excited to announce it to you all!

So, what's it about?

Learnt it the Hard Way is actually a feature I introduced here at Chasing Faerytales some time back, but never continued. The initial intention was to share some blogging tricks that would be informative to newbies and also bloggers who've been blogging for some time.

Though it was gradually abandoned as a feature, Jill and I refreshed the concept a bit, and eventually turned it into an event, which will start on the 20th of July and go until the 31st of August in Chasing Faerytales!

So basically, during the six weeks of the event, there'll be posts on various aspects of blogging, from design to commenting, which we hope will be helpful and informative to anyone who needs blogging advice!

And that's not it! What's special about this event and the posts, are that they're not going to regular tips and tricks posts that Jill and I alone come up with!

The posts are all going to be guest posts from various bloggers who we think are experts in that particular area!

Throughout the event, those bloggers will stop by at Chasing Faerytales to talk about a certain aspect of blogging - from mistakes we make to how to correct them - and the tricks that they all learnt the hard way!:)

And there's more!

Have you always had a question on blogging and wished that someone would tell you the answer for it?

We'll help you with our event! In the form of twitter chats!

There's going to be two twitter chats during the course of the event. And they are all about answering your blog questions!

We have a survey where you can submit your blogging questions to us! Jill and I will make a list of all those questions, and tweet them during the chat, and ask bloggers to answer them!

Submit your question here!


And whether you have questions or not, don't forget to join in our chat! You might know the answer for the blogging questions of a lot of bloggers and help them out in a huge way!

Also, there'll be another post about the event, just before Learnt it the Hard Way kicks off! All the details about the schedule of the guest posts , time and date of the twitter chats and further details will be revealed then!

But if you have any questions about the event, feel free to send me or Jill a tweet! We'll be there to answer them!

We're so excited for the event, and hope that it will be helpful to you all!

And don't forget to submit your questions!

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