Jul 31, 2015

July Wrap Up

Hey everyone!

I still can't accept the fact that July has ended already! It has been such an eventful month, atleast for me, and I can't wait to share all about it with you guys!

Before I start, I also want to make an announcement. From September, there won't be monthly wrap ups here in Chasing Faerytales! As much as I love them, they do take me hours to come up with them, so I've found an alternative for them!

Our last monthly wrap up will be in August! From September, we'll be doing weekly wrap ups, every other week!

Now let's get back to the topic, shall we?:)

So you guys all know, that I got myself a new co blogger this month! Jillian has been such an awesome person to work with, and I am having so much fun, co blogging with her!



The amount of books I've read this month is actually a bit embarassing. I spent most of my time on travelling and school, and didn't have much time to read. To top it off, after reading The Wrath and the Dawn, I experienced a major book hangover, so much so that, I didn't read much YA and read some of HQN novels - which are my guilty pleasures.

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh
Red Queen by Victora Aveyard
Sold to the Enemy by Sarah Morgan
The Brunelli Bargain by Kim Lawrence
The Prince and the Waitress by Sarah Morgan
The Christmas Love by Jennie Lucas

Currently Reading - Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler


Compared to Mishma's pile of read books, the books I read for July is very few to what I expected (and even more embarrassing, haha). Because school started early this month, I could barely read any book at all after being burnt out from writing school essays and sleep-depriving myself. Here are the books I read for July:

Queen of Tomorrow by Sherry D. Ficklin
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Currently Reading - What We Knew by Barbara Stewart // Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
(Not really reading them much, but I AM TRYING.)

What We Posted

The Discussions

Jillian made her debut at Chasing Faerytales and here's her intro post!

Jillian shared her Bookish Bucket List

I shared a complete recap of my trip to Philippines

The Events

There were two events ongoing at Chasing Faerytales this month. First, I took part the Summer Blogger Promo Tour, hosted by the girls at The Book Bratz. So every Sunday, I feature a different blogger here at CF, and here are this month's guest posts!

Mimi stopped by and talked about travelling and books
Aila did the Cinderella Book Tag
Dawn answered some interview questions

The second is our own event, Learnt it the Hard Way, which Jillian and I are hosting. LITHW is an event which was created in order to help bloggers, with advice on various aspects of blogging! 

We kicked off the event on the 20th of July!

The event is a series of guest posts, with two twitter chats thrown in the middle. So far, we've had four bloggers who stopped by and offered some advice.

Hazel discussed the importance of blog design

Ashley shared an ultimate guide of blogging platforms and plugins

Rachel gave some advice on blog organisation

Check out the complete schedule of the guest posts and further details, in the kick off post! The event will be running until August 31st!

Around the Blogosphere

Meg discusses a sticky situation - When your loyalty to books is questioned

Rachel wrote a super helpful post on ARCs

Nova talked about the representation of culture in YA

Cait tells us when she decides to unfollow a blog and also lists the reasons why books should always mention food

Jillian confesses the blogging things that she's terrible at

Nicole talks about editing and self publishing

Kaitlin tries ( and mostly fails ) at remembering character names

Benish tells us why she's annoyed with gorgeous characters

Jeann talks about 3 star reviews

Asti shares her thoughts on sexy guys in supernatural books

Aimee gives some tips on how to tell an author that you love them.

Faye gives us a tour of Fully Booked

Melanie talks about crying over a book in public

Val discussed book endings

Shannon talks about character growth of heroines

Bookish and Blogging Community News

1. A lot of great reading challenges and readathons were announced! I am planning on signing up for a couple, as I have holidays in August. For now, I've decided on taking part in ARC August, hosted by the girls at Read Sleep Repeat.

Here's the sign up post if you want to take part!

I have a lot of e ARCS piled up in my kindle, that I have to finish! I am planning to be a little ambitious, and tackle as much as ARCs as I can! Let's see how it goes!

As I am a mood reader, I probably won't stick to a list, even if I make one, so I am just going to make a GR shelf of all my to-be-read ARCs, and knock off them from the shelf, as I finish the books.

2. Let's take a look at all the twitter chats! First of all, I myself hosted a twitter chat along with Jillian, as a part of our event, Learnt it the Hard Way. The #LITHW15 was a huge success, and a lot of bloggers hopped in and gave great advice!

I finally was able to join in Nori's #RQWN chat! It was fun, and I am looking forward to the next one!

Rachel, Kristen and Nicola hosted a chat for the debut authors of 2016! #FAC16 was super informative, and I got to know a lot of debut authors!

3. As for events, like I said above, Jill and I hosted our own, first ever event! We are so excited about it, and are hoping that it's as helpful for blogger as we hoped!
 Also a major event started this July! OTSP Secret Sisters , which is such an amazing project, has started! Although, I myself couldn't participate - as I am from Sri Lanka, and they couldn't pair me with anyone - I love stalking the hashtag and looking at people's gift exchanges and tweets.

4. Oh, and, Zoey is looking for co bloggers! If you are interested, check out her original post!

Personally, our July


1.My July has been awesome! By now, I guess you all know that I went on a trip to PH, had the best time, met bloggers, ate delicious food and came back home with a huge haul of books!:) You can check out my recap - complete with photographs- here.

2. I also went on a road trip last Sunday. We're planning to go on another one this weekend too! I am so excited:)

3. Also, school! Tbh, I had more holidays than school days in July, as the beginning months of Advanced Levels are supposed to be relaxing as we still have to get used to the new subjects and classmates. But that also means, that I have to start working hard from September. *sighs* 

4. On the other hand, I got my holidays! School is starting on the 9th of September, so until then, I am planning to read a lot, and spend time on blogging as well as concentrate on my forgotten WIP!

5. I also went to the movies with my friends! I saw Antman in PH, and it was a cute movie, especially Paul Rudd was adorable!:) I also went and watched Paper Towns, though I didn't exactly like the book. It was okay, and I loved Cara - but then, I've always been a huge fan of her!:)
But the best of all is a movie in my own language - which was an epic historic film which reminded me a lot of Gladiator! It was amazing, and resulted in me having a craving for books about kings and queens. Any recs, guys?

6. Oh and I almost forgot! My new camera! I bought a DSLR this month, a Canon EOS 100D and I am in love with it already, and I adore taking photographs after the purchase. Btw, I've named her Iris!:)


1. I joined Chasing Faerytales: This is one of July's blogging highlights, and I'm so happy to be co-blogging here with Mishma! She's been such a great person to co-blog and chat with, so my experience here in the blog has been going great so far. Additionally, I'm getting to know some of you from the comments, and you're all very friendly people!

2. 10th grade happened: And it's my final year in junior high school because I'll be taking up preliminary college next year for senior high. That means, yes, I'm "graduating" this year and I'm required to attend 3-4 career talks at school for my pre-college course. I'm planning to take up a Humanities/Social Science course, but I'm not so sure yet. So nervous for this because I'M ONLY 14, and I have to start thinking about pre-college stuff. I miss grade school now.

3. I joined the school newspaper: I applied last week and re-submitted my 9th grade essays and written compositions (which I hope they never noticed at all), and I actually got in! I can't believe the entire high school body is going to read my work soon.

4. I'm expecting my first book mail: I'm still not sure when it's arriving, but I'm expecting a few weeks from now because that book has been on a long journey! (From USA to the Philippines.) First ever bookmail, and I can't wait!

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