Jul 23, 2015

LITHW #2 : Blog Design Matters

Sometimes blogging is not just about content and writing. As a blogger, there are a few things that we need to be concerned about, and such a concept, is blog design!

Why do we need a blog design? Hazel @ Stay Bookish  explains!

P.S - Hazel is also a pretty talented designer herself! She did my blog design, and check out her design shop here

So you have all this awesome content. Very eloquently written reviews and interesting features. And yet you find yourself wondering: Why aren’t more people reading? 

Here are a few things to consider:
  • Maybe it’s hard to read your posts because your font size is tiny.
  • Maybe your blog colors are super neon and you’ve blinded your readers.
  • Maybe they couldn’t follow you because they couldn’t find your social media on your cluttered sidebar.
  • Maybe you chased them away with your glittery mouse hover.
Now, not everyone is a blog design fail obviously. In fact, a lot of book blogs I know have really invested in their design because they knew for a fact that a good blog design matters.

We know a bad design isn’t enticing to readers. But let me tell you- an unremarkable one is just the same.

“But my blog is clean and neat and simple. Isn’t that enough?

 Sure, if you’re able to balance it out with enough visual elements (like photography and illustrations) to keep your reader’s attention. Tea Between Books and Word Revel are great examples of blogs with minimalistic designs that totally work because of their content. But as you can see, they still have these eye-catching headers that make their blog just as remarkable as any intricately designed blog.

“My blog is VERY colourful. I have a floral background and script fonts and heart buttons and other pretty elements EVERYWHERE.” 

Chances are you’ve overdone it. As much as you prettified your blog, you somehow failed to ‘brand’ it because your design is just a mix of everything. You’ve overwhelmed your readers with too much that your content failed to shine through.

Remember that aside from your content, your blog design makes an impression too. As much as we’d like to believe that readers won’t just be considering a blog at face value, most of the time they do. If you see a blog that’s gorgeous (and well updated- that’s important too), don’t you automatically want to follow? If you had two blogs that have equally good content but the first one had a really good design, won’t you like it slightly better than the other?

I’m not saying spend $$$ on hiring a designer (although if you do have the budget and you really want to invest in your blog, go right ahead!) or make your design extremely fabulous or that how your blog looks is everything. I’m only saying that your blog design accounts for something. Just by tweaking your look and making it more inviting and notable you can take your blog even further. Now, wouldn’t that be great?

Now tell us what you think? What's your opinion on blog design? What type of designs do you prefer?
Is it worth spending so much money for blog design?

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