Jul 9, 2015

My Bookish Bucket List

Hey there, earthlings! This is Jill!

As a reader and writer, I can be very ambitious. Since I was 6, I already dreamt of being an NYT bestseller, or having my own book signing event at some fancy place. Something like that! While I can't achieve any of those right now, I still have the dreams to hold on to as the little reader I am today.

Here are some:

Get a book signed.

Believe it or not, I have never gotten any of my books signed because I just never go to book signings. Apart from borrowing books most of the time, book signings meant tons of people showing up and I'm very claustrophobic, and so I'm afraid of thick crowds. But I hope to go to one someday! I'm very willing to defeat my fear if it meant getting a signature from a favorite author!

Join a book and blogger event.

I'm totally looking forward to the annual Manila International Book Fair later this year, which is the biggest book fair in the country! (Like, seriously, they have every book in the world!) Even if I might not ever go to BEA or a blogger conference, joining any book event is fine with me so long as there are books. Lots of books.

Become best friends with an author.

Authors are my #1 literary idols! I admire them and their books, and I want to BE like them one day and have my own book published... IT'S A DESPERATE NEED. Send any author to Manila, and I'll be friends with them.

Meet a book blogger in real life.

Basically, that means any of you. Yes, you. I want to meet YOU reading this post and actually be friends! I've formed so many friendships with a few blog buddies of mine through Twitter and my blog, but I think it would be great getting to know you all personally. It's an exciting thing I wish could happen!

Those are the few things in my bucket lsit! What are some of your bookish goals? Anything you plan to achieve?

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