Aug 23, 2015

Faerie tales recommendations with Pam @ A Writer's Tales (SBPT)

Today, we have Pam from A Writer's Tales, who's here to share some recs for readers who love faeries!

Faeries Are Awesome

As my second favorite mythical creatures (dragons are my number 1 because dragons are awesome), we thought it’d be fun to dedicate this post to faeries, also given that Mishma’s blog name :3

Faery Movie

Yes! Tinkerbell! I was in love with the world of Pixiehollow when the movie first came out. The way they explained how the seasons happened, and the little society they had, it was so pretty! I was complete mush.
It was a good take on the season thing faeries have going. Each one contributes to the job.

Faery Books

Now, the good stuff. Faery books!

THE IRON FEY, by Julie Kagawa

This was the series that introduced me to the literary world of the fey. I have never read A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but I learned a good deal about it in this book, since it’s based on those faeries. Oberon, Titania, the rulers of the Summer Court, Mab being the queen of Winter…. And then there’s Robin Goodfellow. ;) They are books so vividly described! And the character’s personalities are very well developed.

TITHE, by Holly Black

Holly Black’s Tithe is the dark take on faeries. Where the Iron Fey series’ Nevernever is deadly but refined, Tithe’s whatever-it’s-called, is so up-front violent it’s not even funny.
No, seriously, it’s not funny. It’s, however very intriguing. And not a favorite, but I really liked it because in other books, the faeries who aren’t at least 80% humanoid and fair skinned, and flawless are never in the front stage of the story (much less be the MC), and this book defies that. Green skin!

WINTERSPELL, by Claire Legrand

A retelling of The Nutcracker, involving a heck lot more faeries. Evil faeries. An evil faery queen that can build things with her evil faery magic.

My favorite thing about books featuring faeries is that they (mostly) make me connect more with nature, with all the Summer, and Winter courts drama, and how, in the case of the Iron Fey and Winterspell, it’s also portrayed the majorly techonology-dominated world we have now. Of course, the old school faeries are quite amazing too, I just prefer this other modern take on them!

I’d like to know what do you guys think about faeries! Do you even like them? Have you got other books with faeries you know about and love/hate?

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