Aug 2, 2015

Guest Review : Summer movies (SBPT #5)

Hey guys!

Today, I am featuring Dana from Dana Square. I really liked Dana's movie reviews in her own blog, so I invited her to share her thoughts on the movies that came out this summer!

Over to you, Dana!

The Avengers: Age of Ultron


I love every Marvel movie. They can do no wrong for me. This movie was great. Plot wise it wasn't as incredible as the first movie, but it was great for introducing characters, tying the universes together, bringing character backstories in, setting up future franchises, and setting up Captain America: Civil War and The Avengers: Infinity War.

Rating - 5/5

Pitch Perfect 2 

I loved the first movie, but I don't this one was as good. I think it was funnier, but it wasn't as memorable especially the songs. There were many buildups that just kind of fell through and it just didn't feel like the group was fully represented equally. I wish we saw more of the Treble Clefs as well.

Rating - 3/5

Jurassic World


I REALLY LIKED THIS MOVIE. From the nods to the originals to hearing the original score, it was just awesome. I loved the plot and the raptors. I can't wait for the next one. Only issue: Bryce Dallas Howard was in heels for most of the movie, really? 

Rating - 5/5


This movie was the perfect mix of action and comedy, plus who can resist Melissa McCarthy; the answer is no one. I loved how this emulated the Bond style of movies. It was really fun to see Jason Statham and Jude Law in comedic roles.

Rating - 4/5



This movie was a lot funnier and raunchier than I expected. It was really funny, but sometimes the humor was just too much. Amy Schumer goes there and then keeps going a little farther. There were a bit too many plot lines. Overall a fun and different romantic comedy.

Rating - 4/5

Inside Out 

I was really excited for this movie from the trailers and I didn't really enjoy it. Conceptually, it is great but I couldn't connect with it. The middle of it was extremely slow and it just wasn't as fun as most Pixar movies are.

Rating - 3/5

Summer Movies I Need To See:
Mad Max: Fury Road, Ant Man, and Fantastic Four

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