Aug 21, 2015

LITHW #11: Why Co-Bloggers Rock Your Socks

Hi guys!

As much as we love blogging, and adore our respective blogs, sometimes we come to a point where we realize that we can't do it all alone. When we hit that point, the saving grace we all turn to is,
Co bloggers.

I myself, have a wonderful experience with co blogging, as I welcomed Jillian to my blog last month and joined A Perfection Called Books with Rachel and Julia from this month. So today, we have, Faye from A Social Potato is here to tell you why co bloggers rock your socks.

When I first jumpstarted my blog, I was ecstatic to finally have my own space in the huge, wide web that I can totally call my own. Imagine, in this network of a million users and websites and opinions, there was a space dedicated to my own thoughts and my words, something that only I can control, something that was 100% ME.

I'm sure a lot of you thought of that, too. The euphoria of writing your own thoughts and clicking that big button called PUBLISH, your post finally becoming available for the world to read. That giddy smile you get when you receive a comment from a reader, appreciating and acknowledging your insights. That feeling where you don't want to let go of that reign, that control, that “high”; that this special place remain yours forever.

I was like that, until it felt lonely and tiresome. Yes, these things were so validating, but I was only celebrating by myself. I had no one to feel joyful with; no one to share these blessings with, and there were times it did feel a bit pathetic going, “YAY! 100 followers!” and only having yourself to pat on the back. When the blog got bigger and bigger, the responsibilities did, too, and soon it became so exhausting having to come up with post after post when I didn't have any inspiration at all.

And so, I decided to take in two co-bloggers: Aimee and Rashika.

I never looked back since.

  1. Support system. It was amazing to finally have two other people who I could rely on. Feeling down? These two were there to comfort me. Wanting to rant about a book? These two were there to listen to me vent (I'm sorry, guys, but hey! I did listen to yours, too!). Wanting to flail about a book? These two endured my endless praises and incoherent words that resembled “ASDFGHJKL; YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK, GAIZ!” It was so reassuring knowing that whatever happened, these two had my back through thick and thin.

  2. Creativity becomes easier. It's just like what they say: “Two... ergo, three heads are better than one.” Before, it was a struggle to come up with new things to post on the blog, but when Aimee and Rashika entered the scene, it became easier and even fun! There were many nights on Google Hangouts and Skype where we just rambled on and on about the things we wanted to do.

  3. More time for yourself. With my co-bloggers, I finally had time for myself. Before, it was so tiring to catch up on posts and deadlines. I had to read book after book after book because it was necessary to put reviews at least three times a week. But now that I have Aimee and Rashika, I was able to sit back a bit and relax, because these two were there to take on the burden with me. Heck, I was even able to become a co-blogger, too, to two other book blogs!

  4. Everlasting friendship. However, at the end of the day, it's not the blog that benefits from this system the most, but yourself, because you end up creating a precious and irreplaceable friendship with other people. I swear, us three? We are a riot. We love each other so much that I actually see them as sisters already. It doesn't just become a “my blog”, it becomes an “our blog”. That change in pronouns makes all the difference.

The next time you're thinking of taking on a co-blogger, don't hesitate. Yes, it may not just be your own space anymore, at least not exclusively, but at least you'll have someone to share it with come low or high water. What have you got to lose?

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