Aug 5, 2015

LITHW #5: Negative Reviews and All That Come With It

Negative reviews may often equate to unpopular opinions. When we hate a book that somebody else particularly loves, sometimes it's like a slap in the face when that person reacts! (Or probably more than a slap, if that person would find every way to violently react to it.)

Today, Aimee from Deadly Darlings would be here to share lovely (and hilarious) tips to respond to such comments. Thank you, Aimee!

Hi there, Chasing Faerytales readers! First of all, thank you so much to Mishma and Jillian for having me. :) Ya'll are the best. ;)

Today, I'm going to share some of my personal experiences as well as some tips in regards to responding to comments on negative reviews. 

While negative reviews aren't necessarily a bad thing, there are some people who: a) might get offended, b) might not agree with you, or even c) hate you because of your honest opinions.

And that's totally okay. Please do keep in mind that each person has different preferences. Hell, there will even be people who will judge you for liking something.

I've received plenty of comments/tweets/messages written in various stages of anger and disappointment. I try as much as possible to respond in a respectable manner. Let me give you some examples (I'm paraphrasing, of course), and hopefully these'll serve as tips for you guys!

"I don't understand why you DNFed this book/gave it a low rating. You didn't give it the chance it deserves."
I read the book/made it to X pages, didn't I? I believe that giving a certain book even just a few hours of my life means I gave it a chance. A fair chance. Also, my DNFing/ranting about the book doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad book -- it just wasn't for me.

"Your opinion is wrong."
Opinion (n.): a formal statement of reasons for a judgement given.
I gave reasons for my judgement. The dictionary says my opinion is right.

"I don't think you really understood the book."
A book is written from an author's perspective. But once it's published, readers are free to give their own interpretations of the work. Good for you if you understood it in the way the author wants you to -- but I didn't, unfortunately. We all have our own interpretations for it.

"X part in your review really offended me."
Shit, sorry. :( Can you let me know what about it was offensive so I can change it and avoid it in the future?

"Why are you ruining X author's dreams?"
Authors really shouldn't go into this business if they're going to let one person "ruin their dreams." Each book will have haters -- but authors should know that for every hater, there are at least ten other people who will love their book.

"Did you know you're stopping people from reading what could be their next favorite book?"
I never tell people not to pick up a book. If they decide not to read it, they decided that on their own free will. And hey, maybe I'm stopping them from ranting about the book and stopping even more people from reading it.

So, there. Most of the time, there are multiple ways you can RESPECTFULLY respond to negative comments on your negative reviews. They don't need to be deleted. BUT if you feel like YOU'RE being attacked personally (ex. you were called names, etc), then please feel free to delete those comments.

Thanks again to Mishma and Jillian for having me over! I hope I was able to give you guys a few tips. :)


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