Aug 13, 2015

LITHW #8: Pros and Cons of Writing Personal Posts

Hey bookworms! This is Jillian.

If you have been following my blog over the past months, you would notice that I love writing personal posts. I love talking about how my week went and I enjoy sharing school stories and bookish stories to other bookworms. It's a blogging habit I have developed over the year!

There are some bloggers I know who are hesitant in writing these kinds of posts, that is why I am here to help you! 


To re-introduce yourself to new and old followers.

I have conducted a survey for my blog, and my readers stated in the results that they would want to read more of my personal posts. It was shocking because I thought my weekly updates were too much, but then I kept forgetting to consider my new visitors or followers.

Always consider them, bookworms. Even if your old followers know you over the months or years, there are always going to be new visitors who have yet to know YOU, considering they are pretty new to your blog. While you think that your "About Me" page is the only way for them to know you, consider re-introducing yourself through updates because, I swear, a lot of bloggers would LOVE that.

To get yourself out there.

I know of bloggers who are very confidential with personal information, and I can't blame them for that. It's alright if they are not willing to share their photo or what country they're from because I completely understand! But don't limit yourself from wanting to reach out. Your bloggers and readers want to know the blogger behind the blog, therefore give them the chance to get to know you more by getting yourself out there. Share the reader and person you truly are behind the blogging facade.

There is more to YOU than just a face in the screen! Remember that :-)

readers will question this, for sure

To have a sense of variety in your blog.

You have a book blog, and it is filled with book reviews, bookish discussions, tags, memes, and some of your personal blog features. You post all those kinds of posts all the time because it's pretty cool. But is that what readers only want?

Variety is an important aspect in blogging because if everything is the same, people would get bored with what you post. Writing personal updates pave ways for you to vary your blog a little. Sure, your blog is about books, but it would be nice if you post something un-related to books from time to time. Writing about your trip to Paris would be great! Sharing pictures about your trip would be better! Your blog doesn't clearly have to based on books all the time, so go ahead and open new doors to other stuff that readers might be interested in!


Excessively personal posts are bad!

So some bloggers might have the guts to accidentally reveal confidential information about themselves, such as the school they study in or their entire full name. Always remember that your blog may be viewed worldwide, and you don't want your information to reach to the wrong person.

I suggest you be generic. You may tell which part of your country you're from or what year you are in high school, but never get too specific. It's better to play safe before something bad might happen.

Possible Rant-fests.

Some bloggers use personal posts to rant about their week or the books they have read, hopefully that some might relate or understand. But this is bad if it becomes a habit. Never use personal posts as a way to rant about something TOO MUCH. Ranting is good because it lets off the steam, but if you're going to keep continuing on, no one would ever appreciate your negativity.

As much as possible, try to be positive! Share good moments instead of the bad ones.


Write personal posts because I'm a fan of them and so are other people. Share a little about yourself. Let your readers know who you are behind the screen. But please remember to always be positive and thoughtful. You may rant or discuss about something that made you sad because we would all listen to YOU. But never take for granted the will you have to write posts -- or else you might end up spreading negativity to other people.


Do you write personal posts? Do you try to avoid writing personal posts?

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