Aug 7, 2015

Make sure before you accuse - the world doesn't revolve around you

Before I start this post, let me tell you that I am pretty pissed off about something and this might turn into a rant.
Also. I'll try my best not to name names, but any kind of subtle mentions couldn't be avoided.

Okay, so you guys know how much I love twitter. I am totally addicted to that website, and I spend most of my time discussing and debating on different topics with bloggers.

So on Thursday morning - that would've been Wednesday night for most of you - I was talking with two of my blogger friends on originality. The convo started with books - and how sometimes all fantasy worlds end up having similar traits and how hard it might be to create a totally original and unique world that doesn't share any common aspects.

It gradually turned to blogging, and we talked about how hard it is to come up with totally unique posts that hadn't been discussed in any blogs before. We went on to talk about the fact that sometimes a blog post can accidentally share the same concept as a previously posted discussion on another blog. And whether it was right to accuse someone of plagiarism if a situation like this happens. One of my blogger friends shared a past experience, where another blogger accused her of stealing her post, while she didn't mean to do anything of that sort, tbh. That conversation continued in the same way, and we parted ways with the conclusion that sometimes accusations can be unfair.

Now this is not the concept of this post. Something really bad happened after this convo, which made me super mad, angry and hurt.

A blogger - someone I actually used to admire and enjoy talking to - has apparently posted a discussion about how someone plagiarised her or something along the lines on the same day. Let me also tell you that I had no knowledge that such a post even existed during the time we had the conversation.

The blogger in question has seen our conversation, and for some reason has come to the conclusion that we were talking about her and her post. Well, maybe it was not wrong of her to think that way, but what was horribly wrong was what she did with it.

She went on to write a post saying that we talked badly about her and her post, and that we hurt her feelings. And that we were "shitty persons" for doing such a thing. She even subquoted our tweets, interpreting everything we said for her own advantage.

Now here's the thing. You would know how much I value and believe in speech freedom, if you remember my post about it sometime back, But in the name of speech freedom, if you're going to attack someone, explicitly or implicitly, it's completely wrong! Let me quote something that I said in my post about speech freedom.

Speech freedom is like punching. As long as you stay a bit vague, and punch the air, it is completely alright. The moment you hit someone's face directly, you are violating the freedom.

And I still stand by this! She knew that all of us followed her in twitter. She could've clearly confronted us directly and asked whether we were talking about her. I certainly wouldn't have been offended if she had done that, and actually would have admired her for being straightforward.

But what she did was really horrible. In her post she talked about respect and that it might hurt people's feelings if you talked about them explicitly in twitter. Then what did she do? She did the exact same thing she accused us of, by subtweeting about us and posting it on her blog while playing the victim.


And it doesn't stop there! 

My blogger friend - who was part of the convo - DM - ed the blogger in question and inquired about her blog post.
In response she has replied so rudely, and said that she was more mature than this and blocked my friend.

Now I really didn't want to make this public at first. If I had wanted, I could've totally dragged this into twitter and it would've caused a huge drama. But we didn't. Because we knew that it would be pointless to fight with someone who clearly thinks that the world revolves around them and every single twitter convo is about them.

But at the same time, I couldn't just stand back and watch her subtweeting us and portraying us as the villains in the story through her blog and twitter. She also said that won't be a doormat, and guess what, I won't either, and I really won't sit back and let her talk whatever she wants.

Let me get this straight! You have no right to accuse someone of something unless you are sure that they did something wrong. Just because you "think" something, doesn't mean that's the truth.And you have no right to publicly accuse a blogger based on conclusions you came up with yourself!

And what makes me really sad is that I used to admire and like the blogger very much! And I know for a fact that she was friends with both the bloggers who were involved with me in the conversation. All of this could've been avoided, if she sent us a single tweet or DM saying that she disagrees with our opinion or asked us whether we're talking about her.

I am sorry if I ended up heaping all of that onto you guys. But this incident made me really sad and angry. Also let me tell you that I'll never tolerate such things, and if something like this ever happens to you guys, don't hesitate to talk back.

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