Sep 7, 2015

The first impression.....

Image credit goes to either Shannon, Val or Holly:)

When I saw this tag on Val and Shannon's blogs, I really wanted to do it myself, and when my darling co blogger Jillian, did it on her own blog and tagged me, I just jumped and took the chance!:)

In case you don't know already, this tag invites everyone to share their first impressions of their blogger friends!

So let's start!

Cait @ Paper Fury


Then :
I first visited Cait's blog when it was Notebook sisters, but by that time, Mime was not actually in the picture. The first post I read in her blog is her list of ten type of bloggers, and I loved her style and voice and left a comment thinking that it will be ignored in the sea of comments. So imagine my surprise when miss world dominator in progress not only replied but also commented back on my itty bitty baby blog?
I actively started to stalk her blog and she became one of my favourite bloggers and idols!

Now :
Well, let's just say that I have a high chance of becoming her sidekick now when she does dominate the world!:)
I am still in awe with Cait, but I think of her more as a friend than an idol nowadays. It's also incredible that we share the exact reading tastes, a mutual love for villains and superheroes and we are also speed reading buddies. Yay for us!:)

Hazel @ Stay Bookish

Stay Bookish

I knew Hazel from my Goodreads time. 2012, I guess. I doubt she knew me then, but we were in a group called YA Buddy Reader's Corner, which is where I was introduced to Kaitlin @ Reading is My Treasure and Leigh @ Little Book Star as well. Hazel's blog is probably the first blog I ever visited -and at that time I didn't even know what blogs are - and was awed by all her beautiful graphics and photography. So when I started blogging myself finally, I knew that I had to reach out to her.

I've discovered how sweet, nice and adorable she is - to think that I was actually intimidated once!:) - and I even met her in real life! It was such an awesome moment because that was the first time I met a blogger from another country, and after a moment of initial awkwardness, I started jabbering as usual!:)

Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity

The first thing I noticed about Chiara is her hair:) I thought she was super cool, and I really admired her personality in twitter as well as her voice in her blog. I was so impressed by how passionate she is in her beliefs and ideas, and she was one of the coolest bloggers I admired.

Miss. Super Cool is one of my favourite blogger friends!:) I love the convos I have with her on twitter, from serious topics such as LGBT books, diversity to super random and pointless talks. I still think she's cool though, and continue to love her hair!:)

Jules @ Jules Bookshelf

I first got to know Jules through my fellow SL blogger and friend Nuzaifa. Nuz invited me to do a collab post at her blog on guilty pleasure reads, and Jules was one of the other bloggers who contributed. I just followed Jules on twitter on impulse, and totally forgot about that incident later:) Then on some random day, we started talking in twitter, and bonded over our mutual love for Marvel movies and Ian Somerhalder!:)

We are so close now! I got to know a lot more about Jules, and am in complete awe with her artistic skills. I even got a chance to meet her when I went to Philippines, not once but twice! Plus, courtesy of our mutual love for Marvel, we even went to watch Antman together!:)

Nova @ Out of Time

Out of Time

I got introduced to Nova through twitter. ( Of course, where else?:)) Chasing Faerytales was a newborn baby at that time, and I was so nervous about making connections then. I didn't know how to approach people and all, so when I saw Nova tweeting with several people, I tried my luck and started to talk to her. We instantly clicked, and often in the mornings (night for her, I guess) we have these long stimulating convos.

Nova is one of my closest blogger friends now. We still frequently have our early morning twitter convos, and most of the time, I have to force this girl to go to sleep. Plus she's also super supportive and defensive, and has helped me quite a lot through any rough patches I went through as a blogger!

Jillian @ Jillian's Books

Jillian's Books
Jillian and I used to have an on and off relationship. We weren't the closest of friends, but we talked frequently. I've always thought of Jill as nice and super sweet, and was actually amazed by how young she is!

Well, Jill is my co blogger now, so that says a lot!:) We word vomit in the name of DMs and have super awkward skype chats. Plus, I am trying hard to convert Jill into Team Chaol from Team Dorian. Don't worry, I'll succeed soon!

A Perfection Called Books

Rachel was one of the first people who commented on Chasing Faerytales. I was super excited, and immediately made it my mission to stalk her! (Oops that sounds creepy) Anyway, I found out what a sweet and awesome person she is, and was super awed by this girl's organization skills!

I am Miss, Perfectionist's co blogger now :) I am still in awe with her skills with organizing - I mean, have you seen her calendar? Well of course, you haven't, only co bloggers have that privilege. *flips hair* But still, she has posts scheduled up to NOVEMBER!!!

I have so much more stories I can say, but.... well, the post was in danger of being too long, so let's just stop there:)

I am not tagging anyone specifically. If you guys want to do the tag, feel free to consider yourself tagged!

Also I am curious.What was your first impression of me?

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