Oct 1, 2015

7 Times Harry Potter Taught Me How To Live

Two weeks ago, I saw this post from Buzzfeed and it made me think a lot. The title of the article is called, "What Book Helped You During Your Depression?" and it really grabbed my attention when I scrolled through my Facebook feed.

This is a little personal, but since 5th grade I've been undergoing depression. It all started when my friends fought and never got back together, and the summer after that, an incident in my trip to France triggered the start of my anxiety. Throughout 7th to 9th grade, being afraid and sad became a routine for me already. It was like a constant battle already.

Seeing the Buzzfeed post made me remember my love for books. When I am sad, I would often listen to music and read books to forget a little bit about reality. Looking back, I remember reading Harry Potter the most. In a way, the books saved me. In a way, it helped me live.

01. "There is light in every darkness."

This quote means so much to me. My 7th grade friends all knew about my situation and my constant overthinking. And I remember they would often write this particular quote in every letter they send to me as way of helping out. It might not have mattered to me in 7th grade, but today it's a frequent reminder that there is light in every darkness. Sadness is a part of life. Eventually, we move on.

02. "I hate my situation, but it's a part of my journey."

I read this inspirational Catholic article a few weeks ago, and I can truly link it to what Sirius Black said. "What matters is the part we choose to act on." Those words are so meaningful to me. It tells that we CANNOT control the things that happen to us, but we CAN control how we respond to them. 

Being sad is normal. Instead of looking at our current situation and thinking, "My life is crumbling into pieces! I hate my life!" it's always good to say, "Today I am hurt, but this is a part of my journey. I can move on." After all, we've all both light and dark in us. How we look at our lives determines who we are.

03. "I won't sink in. I can battle on."

In other words: "Keep fighting. Don't let the burden of your problems weigh you down from achieving success." I lived through by not giving up, and I owe it all to Harry Potter. There have been instances in 5th and 7th grade when death seemed so attractive. I was *slightly* contemplating suicide. (Remembering how I ever wanted to do the S-word makes me cringe.) But my mom and these Harry Potter books helped me. 

04. "Strength is everything."

Hermione Granger has always been my most favorite heroine of all time. I admired her so much because, throughout the book, she was brave and smart. She unlocked riddles so easily. The fact that she was able to pull herself together, despite all the hardships she was encountering, inspired me to be as brave as her. Inspired me that no matter how hard life got, I would always get through with it in the end.

06. "The Muggles won't get me down."

It took me such a long time to get through with this as it is still something I'm still trying to learn. But over the years, I learned that if I'm ever going to care what others think of me, I will never be happy. Before entering high school, I was insecure of myself. I didn't like my hair back then, and I was so short! I cared so much when people told me that I seemed to have a bad hair day, or when people compared my height with the 5th graders. (My current height today is 4"10', and it's true that the 5th graders are taller than me.)

I'm still in the process of learning this, but gradually I have come to be alright with their negative feedback of myself. Who cares if I'm shorter than middle schoolers? At least I don't look as old as I am! The "Muggles" won't get me down. Harry Potter taught me that.

07. "I will live on."

I won't ever forget how Harry Potter brought me light in my darkest moments, and how it helped me to continue with my life. Harry inspired me to keep on fighting, to keep on living. Back when I thought I was succumbing to my own depression, I felt like it was the end of the world. Everything wasn't going right as I had wanted it to, and I was in the brink of giving up.

But giving up will never be the answer. Remember how Harry's scar would sear with pain inflicted by Voldemort? Remember how he even had the courage to actually KILL him? He modeled the truth that trying and living would lead to success. 

You have no idea how glad I am to have lived.

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