Oct 20, 2015

Are we going through the great blogging depression???

It's not that hard to notice that there seems to be a collective blogging slump throughout the blogosphere. I've been seeing a lot of bloggers calling it quits, most taking hiatuses, and frequently encountering tweets by bloggers who seem to have "lost the spark" and "struggling to find inspiration"

While this is certainly not something totally new, we've been seeing these things happening to bloggers for some time now, nowadays, the amount of bloggers who's in a slump is super uncanny.Ever since September started, people have started to become super busy and while this collective slump can be solely blamed on that fact, is that the only reason why everyone is suddenly feeling unenthusiastic about blogging?

When I thought about it, I came up with a few facts which I personally feel like are the reasons for the "great blogging depression" which is going on right now. ( Sorry for the extreme explanation, my mind is full of Economics these days ) Since I work better with lists, let's make one, shall we?

1. Most bloggers struggle to find the time to blog these days.

Take me for example. I am doing Advanced Levels - juggling school, homework, exams, analysis, all sorts of stupid extra curricular activities, an internship, a WIP, a blog and reading. I just can't find time to write a post, comment around and catch up with all blog happenings. The same goes to most of the bloggers. School started in September, and students and mothers alike are busy these days. And when we do have free time, it's practically impossible to think about working on a post. All I want to do is lie facedown on my bed.

2. I feel like the direction of blogging has started to shift slowly.

I am probably going to get a heft load of criticism for saying this, but let me be blunt here. I strongly feel like blogging has started to become a publishing and media tool. If you ask me, it has started to become all about ARC reviews, book promotions, author spotlights and basically a voluntary and unpaid part time job rather than a hobby. I actually don't feel like we're discussing books anymore. We're discussing a product we're supposed to promote. At least that's what I feel like. 

So what if, the direction has changed? Well, the problem is that with the change of direction, I feel like the genuine enthusiasm to blog has started to decrease little by little. I started to feel this when I shifted into reviewing ARCs and taking part in book promotions. While they were all fun, they weren't what I originally wanted to do when I started a blog.

But that doesn't mean, all blogs have shifted their direction, though. There are blogs which come up with really unique and creative content. Their originality and ideas are really striking!

3. Other forms of social media has started to gain significant popularity

Holly wrote a super thought provoking post about this with regards to twitter. Like she pointed out, twitter has started to become such a significant part of blogger connections, so much so that, people don't need to go comment on a blog to form friendships anymore. I have a lot of twitter friends whose blogs I rarely visit. I feel super guilty about this, but I feel like we have sufficient convo in twitter, so why bother comment on a post when I can easily discuss it in twitter itself?

Besides twitter, another social media which is rising in popularity is instagram. I have a feeling that in a short time, it will become an important medium to blogging, especially since book photography is becoming famous these days and I've been seeing a lot of "bookstagrammers" posting reviews under their photos itself.

Then there's the growing popularity of booktube. While I myself - personally - am not an audience or a fan of that community, I do know that booktube has slowly started to evolve into an equal platform as blogging, again making it clear that blogging isn't the only way to talk about books.

4. People have started to question the point of blogging.

Trust me, I did a bit of experimenting on this particular point by looking through some blog posts where bloggers announced that they're quitting blogging. Most of them said that they don't know why they're blogging anymore. It was super sad to read those! And I  have asked this question to myself a lot of times. Why do I blog? If I just want to talk about books, why am I putting so much effort into my posts and the set up of them all? Don't get me wrong - I love blogging, I really do. And I adore the community to death. But it's also true that sometimes, in my darkest hours, when I am so tired and out of inspiration - which happens often nowadays - I can't help but ask this question to myself.

What do you guys say? Do you feel like there's a collective slump in the community these days? If so, what do you think is the reason?

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