Oct 12, 2015

That time I pretended to be a writer || #WritersLife Tag

I either think that I am going to produce one of the best YA books of all time, or I wallow in self pity fearing how horrible my book could turn out to be. There's no in between. In case you didn't know, I am working on a WIP - and have been for months now - and sometimes pretend to be a writer. When Cait tagged me for the #WritersLife Tag, I was in a writer mood, I guess, so I decided to give the tag a shot!

Write Fuel : What do you drink/eat while writing?

I consume a lot of coffee when I write. I know it's not ideal, since I start to get headaches and a bit cranky. But I can't resist it I guess. Then I eat a lot! Chocolate is my salvation. I eat everything I find, though Kit Kats are my fav! 

Write Sounds : What do you listen to while reading?

I am not exactly that good with English songs, but I've created a passable playlist for all my characters which I keep on listening to while I write. My favourite list is probably my villain playlist which contains one of my favourite disney songs ever!

Write Vice : What's your most debilitating distraction?

Everything?:) School is of course a huge distraction, especially since Advanced Levels is super tough and competitive. Then there's the fact that I am part of every possible clubs and societies in school. (  What was I thinking???) Then I have to take care of my baby - a.k.a my blog. I get distracted by all of this, that my WIP often gets forgotten and abandoned by me! 

Write Horror : What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you while writing?

I once lost one of my notebooks. What's the big deal, you ask? Here's the thing. I manually hand write my WIP. Which means my work is written in a dozen notebooks which I often find hard to keep up with. Then one horrible day I lost one of them. It held a considerable chunk of the middle part and I was petrified! And me being the genius I am, never thought of saving everything in my laptop because I was too lazy to type everything I wrote. I spent a week trying to find the notebook.

And finally I did.

Write Joy : What's the best thing that's ever happened while writing or how do you celebrate small victories?

My small victories are when I finally figure out and amend plot holes. Plot holes are my worst nightmare, and I try to make every nook and corner of an explanation or revelation perfect. So when I discover that some part of the novel or a concept has one, I tear my hair out until I find a solution. So when I do find them, I can't help but break into a dance of joy!

Write Crew : Who do you communicate with or not communicate with while writing?

I communicate : With my twitter friends! I've often ranted about the struggles my WIP gives me in twitter, and worry about my plot holes in there as well. ( Once I discovered that there's a love triangle brewing in my WIP. I. WAS. HORRIFIED!!! Thankfully, my twitter followers helped me a out a bit there )

I don't communicate : With everyone in real life. No one knows that I am writing a book. Not even my mum. Or my best friend. *sighs* My mother do know that I am doing some kind of "research" but I never explained what it was for. I sometimes wish that I had someone IRL with whom I can talk about my WIP, but I've also realized that there might be no point anyway. No one will understand what I am saying.

Write Secret : What's your writing secret to success or hidden flaw

I think my writing secret is the amount of research I do. My WIP is an urban fantasy inspired by the Indus Valley Civilization and Hindu mythology. Even though I practically grew up hearing these folktales and myths and am a history geek, I do A LOT OF research. I bring home every single book on that topic I can find, raid most of the local libraries, and watch a lot of historic movies and read a lot of YA for inspiration. It is time consuming, yes, but a good thing is I am always sure of what I am writing. When I state a historic fact or talk about a folktale, I have no doubt in whether I am saying the accurate thing or it is a mistake.

My biggest flaw is that I plot and plan more than I write. I don't want to take up the pen until I have atleast a vague idea of what exactly I am going to write. This is really stressful, since most of the time, I end up wasting time and not get much writing done. I have to remedy this soon though. 

Write - Spiration : What always makes you productive?

When I think of the fact that every day I write a new sentence I am one step closer to my dream. Well, not exactly, to be honest, since there's so much to be done for that dream to become a reality, but still, it's a good motivation I guess.

Write Peeve : What's one thing writers do ( or you do) that's annoying?

Hmm, well, as a blogger and a reviewer, writers often annoy me with a lot of things but let's no go there now:) 

But basically I get really annoyed when people can't deal with criticism properly!

Write Words : Share one sentence from a project, past or present.

This is really easy since I have only one project under my belt and have only released one official snippet so far :)

So... how was it? *bites nails*

Are you a writer? If so, consider yourself tagged! If not, tell me whether you've ever seen yourself as a writer in the future? What will you write about if you become one? And writers - tell me about your projects!:)

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