Oct 26, 2015

Top Ten non scary books for halloween

It's that time of the year!!!! Halloween is just a handful of days away, and I am so excited! Though it's not exactly a "thing" here in my country, this is one of my favourite festivity of the year, and I am ready with the perfect horror movies for a marathon and some delicious candies on the brew!:)

Today's top ten list was a halloween freebie! Since I am not exactly a huge fan of horror books - Stephen King's books gave me nightmares! And I screamed in the night after watching The Silence of the Lambs! *shudders* So I thought it's better to make my list less scary, and here's my ideal top ten non scary books which will be perfect for halloween!

1. Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Beautifully written with vivid imagery and illusions, Night Circus is a read which will give your halloween a whimsical quality! It also revolves around a circus, magic, and FOOD! It's my picture perfect halloween read, hands down.

2. The Diviners by Libba Bray

I have my problems with this book, but I have to admit that it will be perfect for halloween. Not only it is a historical fiction which revolves around spirits, it's also written beautifully, capturing the sinister quality of the concept perfectly! 

3. A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis

Set in an asylum, this historical fiction will give you the chills. I loved how the book dealt with the concept of madness.

4. Dreamland by Robert L.Anderson

Dealing with the concept of dreams and nightmares, this book is creepy, messy and intriguing. 

5. The Archived by Victoria Schwab

How can a list be complete without a Schwab book?:) The Archived features a beautiful concept where the dead are kept in shelves like books, their memories stored and preserved. The image of a dark, quiet library with long corridors and a sense of danger everywhere is brought alive by Victoria's writing, and this will be perfect for the season!

6. Antigoddess by Kendare Blake

Kendare Blake excels in producing dark reads without shying away from the gory and brutal details. Antigodess is her dark take on greek mythology, and will you make you view the gods and goddesses in a totally new way!

7. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Laini Taylor's gorgeous writing suits her intricately built world and her creativity is terrific in this book about fallen angels and chimaera. Not only it's perfect for Halloween, it will definitely make you want to catch the next plane and spend a vacation in Prague.

8. Half Bad by Sally Green

If you are a fan of dark fantasy reads, this is the book for you!Half Bad has morally ambiguous characters, it doesn't shy away from violence and brutality, and it's all about witches! What more do you need from a Halloween book?

9. Splintered by A.G.Howard

It's time for a fairytale retelling! I haven't read this book yet, but trustworthy sources say that it's a dark and delicious retelling of Alice in Wonderland, so much so that, I have it in my own Halloween season TBR.

10. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

This book has the perfect atmosphere for the season. Tarot cards, graveyards, welsh kings, mythology - it's a perfect blend of all things supernatural and Maggie's gorgeous writing helps to set the mood as well.

Which non scary books do you think are perfect for the season? Any recs? Have you read any of these? What books do you have in your seasonal TBR?

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