Oct 5, 2015

Top ten tropes I've stopped reading ( And probably miss reading, but I am not going to admit that)

I'd like to lie and say that I've always had a sophisticated reading taste. But who am I kidding, I used to read books which I would cringe at now :D And the worst thing is I actually loved them! And rated them 5 stars! While nowadays, it's super hard for a book to get that coveted spot of "5 stars" from me, earlier almost all the books I read - from Hush Hush to Sweet Evil - achieved it easily! 

So let's take a look at those past concepts and tropes little Mishma loved to read about. And which will make Literature Student Mishma cringe.

( Though I do miss the simplicity of these tropes sometimes, but let's not talk about that now! :D)

1. Bad boy + Good girl romance.

13 year old Mishma devoured these books! There was something so alluring about the story of a typical goody two shoes girl falling in love with a good-to-nothing guy. Maybe it was the theme of opposites attract. Whatever it is, this trope was a definite favourite of mine!

Nowadays, I find it a bit - okay, a lot - unrealistic. No goody two shoes I know in life would ever even go near a bad boy. These types are too different for a relationship to ever work out between them, I guess.

2. Bad boys

Oh how I loved these arrogant guys with a "lopsided smile" and "smirk" that the MC wants to "wipe off his face" and a too hot to handle appearance? As an example, here's an excerpt from the review of Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout, I wrote in 2013.

"That guy is worth every single insult and humiliation.I really can't figure out why bad guys are so irresistible and why we can't stop falling for them along the heroine,even when they are total jerks.
Dameon is the kind of guy,who will satisfy every girl's bad boy fantasy,who'll haunt dreams and make you sigh in desire whenever you think about him.Leave his volcano-size-hotness aside,there's also his arrogance which is the size of a mountain and an attitude that will put any teenager to shame."

*cringes* I guess 14 year old Mishma was a bit sexually frustrated! :D
I still can't believe that I found arrogance attractive!

3.  Chosen one / Secret Princess or heir.

Okay, truth to be told, I still read this trope here and there, but I used to adore these some time back! The whole concept of a normal girl ending up being the savior or the long lost princess was like a fairytale come true and I was totally fascinated by it!

4. Vampires.

Another cringe worthy moment, but here's an extract from my review for Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side.

Vampires.They never cease to amaze me.Whether they have to be invited,or capable with elemental magic,or a group of brothers who are too hot to be real or even sparkling ones.They are a bunch I'll never stop loving.

To my defense, I am sure most of us loved vampires when we all started reading YA. ( Please tell me I am right! :D) And I shamelessly devoured and loved every single vampire book I could get my hands on!

5. Girl with baggage meets guy with bigger baggage and "secrets"

A.K.A a New Adult book. Almost every single NA book I read when I first got hooked into the genre - which was way too early, I suppose. I was 14 when I read my first NA book - from Easy to Slammed, it was the same trope all over again! They did manage to tell really wonderful stories, but in the end, it started to get tiring when the pattern got too repetitive.

6. A documentary of the high school life in US.

Almost every single YA contemporary book I read those days gave me free lesson on this. Stereotypes, cliques, bullying, the class systems, lockers, dramas, fights, feuds, relationships, friendships, social norms and taboos - I got a crash course on all of this in the first two years of my YA reading career despite never setting foot in US all my life! 

I used to be fascinated by this all! But now I am bored. This is one of the main reasons why I want new settings, different countries and customs. But that's a discussion for another day, so let's stop here! :)

7. Magic Academy

I guess Hogwarts started it all. I was just so in love with all the magic academies, whether they were strict or fun. I want to go to these schools, study there - though most of the time, they never study anything useful for life - make supernatural friends, get into dangerous trouble, and have all the adventures! Instead I was - and still am - stuck in an all girls convent school which is too similar to a finishing school of Victorian Era. *sighs*

Expectation > Reality.

8. Harlequin Presents / Mills and Boons books.

*cringes* *dies* *hides* 

9. Coming of Age

I guess I grew out of these books. Which is a bit ironical because they're mostly targeted for readers of my age - the transitional period. But the thing is. I went through all those horrible experiences that's normally tackled in these books a bit earlier, and they helped me get over them all, for which I am really thankful for! 

But I don't read these books nowadays. I don't know whether this is cowardice, but I don't want to be reminded of broken friendships. Or insecurity. Or disappointments. And most of all, depression. It hits too close to home for me, so I try to stay away from them as much as possible.

10. Teacher/ Mentor - Student romance.

I got really fascinated with this trope after Vampire Academy. I loved forbidden romance to death, and this was one of the best concepts under that trope. The sexual tension, the sense of taboo and the thrill of it was all so exciting to me I guess!!!


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