Nov 23, 2015

Do we actually LIKE having to wait for books to come out? - Ella @ Once Upon a Bookish Time

Today we welcome Ella from Once Upon a Bookish Time, who raises a pretty interesting question.

Do we actually like waiting for upcoming releases????

Hello Everybody! My name is Ella and today I want to to discuss about the wait for anticipated books to come out and how that can impact us on a reading level!

Let me tell you a story:

Back in March this year when I was stuck in my favourite habitat, Goodreads, I stumbled across a book called Assassin's Heart. It sounded absolutely amazing but when I looked at the release date I saw to my horror that it wasn't being released till February 2016! FEBRUARY. 2016. AGGGGGGGGHHHHH! Can you hear me screaming?!

From March through to August I was OBSESSED with Assassin's Heart! I was forever rereading the blurb, I was so excited when the cover came out and I told SO many people about how much I was looking forward to it's release. I spent many nights before bed thinking about it and wondering how much I'd enjoy it and if it would be as brilliant as it sounded.
I actually, honestly looked like this when I was thinking about it
Then just before the end of August, Harper Collins put a massive bundle of 2016 eARCS on Edelweiss and while I was requesting them as fast as my greedy little bookworm hands could type, I saw it. ASSASSIN'S HEART. WAS.RIGHT. THERE. IN FRONT OF. MY EYEEEEEES.
After requesting it at the speed of light, I waited for what seemed like FOREVER. Time dragged slowwwwwwlllllllllllllllllly, people. I swear I grew some grey hairs.
But then FINALLY, I got an email from the publisher and after I'd psyched myself up, I opened it AND IT SAID I'D BEEN APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quickly as I could, I downloaded it onto my kindle!!

But then...something happened. The moment Assassin's Heart was downloaded onto my kindle, I...lost interest. All the anticipation from all those months of waiting had gone. I still wanted to read it a lot, but not right-now-this-very-moment-omg-cannot-wait-another-millisecond like I did back in March. I felt like now that I was in control of when I could read it and not have wait for someone to tell me when it was available to read had completely changed the situation.

And that brings me to my question: For all out fuss about hating to have to wait ages for books to come out...deep down, do we actually like it? Is the thing we hate not the waiting, but the lack of control of when we get to read an upcoming book? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!!

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