Nov 21, 2015

Fairytales Report #6

Hello, bookworms! How did your two weeks go recently? These past few weeks have been a mixture of so many things all at once, and it has been crazy. Here's a recap of what happened to both Mishma and I.



I couldn't get into any YA these past two weeks, hence why my three reads are historical romances. It was exam week, so I could only read as a form of distraction. I can't wait to dive in more YA!

Book Read

Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught
Behind the Palace Walls by Lynn Raye Harris
When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare


I'll admit, so far I had a great reading time! Though my first book within these two weeks was a little disappointing, I enjoyed the books I read recently. They were great, and I can't wait to read more overtime! I'm finally catching up with my Goodreads Reading Challenging.

Books Read
What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkings

Currently Reading
Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman



Made You Up by Francesca Zappia
What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi

Guest Posts


Aentee tells us who she's blogging for
Claire informs new bloggers on basic book blogging lingos
Inge advises us on how to be productive
Jeann asks us if you mark your books
Kaitlin recaps her time at the Illuminae signing event
Jesselle talks about the 3 books she DNFed
Vlora tells us why she reads YA
Nicole shares advice on how to overcome a reading slump



1. Goodreads choice awards is at its final round! Although I am less than happy about some of the books that didn't make it to the finals after the semis, I am super happy that A Darker Shade of Magic has made it! Go vote for it in the Fantasy genre everyone!!! Go, do it!

2. WINTER CAME OUT!!! And it drowned all Lunar Chronicles fans in feels, as I've been hearing that it's the BEST CONCLUSION EVER!!! This makes me so excited to read it, and before that, I need to do a quick binge on the first three books.


1. NaNoWriMo is almost coming to an end. Because after next week, it would be December by then, and that's why you guys have to hurry up finishing those 50K words so you don't fail! (*pushes you all to finish writing*) I hope you all finish what you started because the month is almost coming to a close :)

2. I'm hosting the Blogger Positivity Campaign! It's my first ever event in my own personal book blog, Jillian's Books, and I am beyond excited! I first kicked it off last Wednesday, and I'm literally more than surprised to see the positive feedback.



1. School drowned me in work. Exams were so overwhelming, since they're the first term exams I faced as a A/L student, and they were so damn hard!!! The main three subjects are done by now, and though I have two more papers, I can relax a bit now.

2. I was made junior prefect in school and it is nerve wracking. First of all, it was a heftload of responsibilities loaded on my already tired shoulders, and furthermore, it has restricted my online presence. Here in Sri Lanka, school systems are pretty strict, and in my school especially, there's a lot of limitations when it comes to social media. This is why you might have noticed me remove all pictures of mine from twitter and my blog. I also had to turn my instagram profile into private, so incase you were wondering what happened to me all of a sudden, this is the reason.

3. On a lighter note, Christmas is getting near and I am so excited!!! I am taking part in a couple of Secret Santa events, and I am planning Christmas packages for my blogger buddies!! I can't wait to do all the shopping!!

4. Oh and though it's been two months since my birthday, I got a super belated birthday gift!!! Since our mail system is horrible, it took ages to reach me, but I was so excited to see it!! My fabulous friend Cait made me bookish necklaces!!! Plus, she wrote me this super cute note as well! It was all so adorable! :D


1. I completed my quarterly exams. Which also means that I have finally completed the second quarter of my school year. I'm already halfway through my sophomore year, and though it has been quite stressful to the point of making me cry in pain and sleep-deprivation, so far I've learned so many new and interesting things. And I love it!

2. Mini vacation is now over! Last week, the Philippines hosted the APEC summit in Manila, so classes were suspended for one week while 21 world leaders were around. I got sick last Monday with a fever, but my entire week was spent blogging, reading books, and sleeping late. It was a good break from school, even if all I ever did was read books and blog. I finally get to catch up with blogging after being so gone for weird amounts of time! Sadly, my classes resume on Monday, and I have more schoolwork to do by then.

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  1. I would like to recommend reading the book The Girl on the Train: A Novel.
    I just finished reading it today, and I think its a very interesting book to read.

    I brought mine off Amazon and they delivered it in only 2 days.
    Here's the link for the book on Amazon: