Nov 28, 2015

Why I Don't Do Blog Tours That Much

When I first came to this community, I was always joining in every blog tour that I could possibly find. Blog tours meant reading more and more books, and reading a lot of books made me really happy. The fact that blog tours paved me opportunities to discover more underrated novels convinced me enough to participate all the time. This made me happy. Really happy.

Until I discovered that, at one point, it didn't.

Blog tours were pressuring and exhausting.

The more you sign up for it (especially when you're in the most time-constrained situation right now), the more pressured you feel. I remember waking up one morning and receiving an e-mail from a tour host, informing me that I have to review this book at this set deadline. This happened last year, when I was just a freshman in high school. And who knew school could be too exhausting?!

I guess that when I signed up for the tour, I was expecting a lot of free time around. But I didn't expect high school to throw in so much work in my first year, and it made blog tours so much exhausting and pressuring to continue up. I wasn't happy.

You have too much requirements to do.

There's a lot of pressure that continuously builds up when you receive an e-mail from a tour host that requires you to do so many things before this set date -- things such as sending interview questions, or guest post topics. No, I have never really signed up for an author interview in a blog tour before, but the fact that you have to send so many things right before a date... Sometimes it's hard to follow up when you know you're eventually going to forget about it real soon.

You're bound to forget about it real soon.

There are so many rules when it comes to participating in blog tours, and forgetting to complete your tour stop is something that scares me tons. So many things in life happen, school gets in the way, and I often have my head too much in the clouds. So it's not too often will I ever remember my tour stop eventually because I'm bound to forget about it someday, which can be scary sometimes. 

Yes I still do blog tours, but I don't do them often anymore. After all, I am incredibly picky over the books I sign up for, and I always ensure that it's something I'm truly interested in reading. Otherwise, I'd skip any of those that don't pique my interest because I am NOT into the stress of deadlines that it could bring!

Do you do blog tours often?

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