Dec 20, 2015


Hi bookworms! Today is Chasing Faerytales' first blogoversary!!!!!

I personally can't believe that it's been a year since I created my baby! And six months since Jillian joined me!!! Man how time has flied by!

This past year has been amazing to me! I've had a terrific experience blogging here at Chasing Faerytales, and today I'd like to look back at the amazing journey I've had since 21st December 2014.

First of all, let's look at stats!

Posts : 160
Site visitors : 59,412
Followers ( Bloglovin') - 519

It might be not a lot, but I am super happy with my stats! Also, by the end of my first blogging year, I've also learned not to care about stats, which is a huge thing for someone as competitive as me!!!

What happened to Chasing Faerytales and me?

  1. I welcomed Jillian to my blog! Which was a huge step for me, as I am quite possessive of my blog! But Jillian and I bonded over quickly as co bloggers, and it has been an amazing ride so far!
  2. I hosted my first ever blog event! It was called Learnt it the Hard Way - a blog series of tips and tricks posts - and Jill and I didn't expect that the event would acquire so much reach!!! It was glorious! :D
  3. The blog got its first ever permanent makeover! While I've been managing with free templates and my wacky design skills, for some time, thanks to the lovely Hazel, my blog got a really pretty design which I often just want to swoon over! :D
  4. I've tweaked my niche often. While I wanted to blog about books full time at first, somewhere along the ride, I started to incorporate more personal and discussion posts than reviews, and am in a never ending search for a steady niche. I'll find it soon, I hope.
  5. I started blogging at A Perfection Called Books! Which has been an amazing experience!!!
  6. I went abroad and met bloggers!!! It was terrific! I felt so cool :D
  7. I've made a lot of amazing friends!!! Honestly, this must be the best part of it all! The friends I have got through blogging mean the world to me, and you guys are the best!!!

It's time to say thank you....

All of this couldn't have been possible, without a certain group of people! And I want to make time to say thanks to all of them!


First of all, I have to say a huge thanks to Jillian. She was my rock throughout the last 6 months of my blogging journey! She has been a valuable addition to the blog with regards to content, a fabulous and unique addition of a voice, and a beautiful presence in the blog. She has been a fantastic listener - she never gets tired of my ramblings - a source of creative ideas, a wonderful friend and an amazing companion on board. 

She's also really understanding - especially with my possessiveness of the blog - and has had my back whenever I was unable to blog or was in a slump. Thank you so much you lovely pumpkin! You're the best co blogger one could ever ask for and thanks again for everything!!!

And speaking of Jill, here's a message, she wanted me to share with you all.....

This is Jillian.

I guess I have a lot of things to say to my dearest co-blogger, Mishma. When I first deliberated on joining Chasing Faerytales sometime between May and June, I wasn't expecting to be given such a warm welcome from one of the sweetest blogger that I know of -- and also from her amazing and active readers as well! I still remember stumbling across Mishma's blog exactly one year ago after she commented in my blog. I remember welcoming her back to the blogging community because she finally returned with a new blog. This was last December 2014. 

And now a year has passed since I've read that post. It's still surreal to me how long ago that had happened! 

First of all, I just want to thank Mishma for everything! She has been the kindest, most congenial blog buddy I've ever met. She loves to share her creative ideas with me, which are so fun to execute. Also, she was there all throughout as I helped her co-host her blog's events, such as the "Learnt It The Hard Way" event and Twitter chats (in which I fell asleep in the first part of the first Twitter chat. MISHMA, I AM SO SORRY). :( 

All I want to say is that I am more than grateful for Mishma because she had let me join in on her blog and had given me the opportunity to meet her lovely followers and readers. Thanks, Mishma, for all the fun I got through blogging with you, and for letting me blog in CF the way I blog in Jillian's Books -- even if our blogging styles are very different! (I'm also sorry for being so forgetful with the schedule, but I will change that.) :) And to all of the readers here, I want to thank you all so much as well! Thank you for welcoming me when I first joined in here, and for chatting with me through the comments! I enjoyed interacting and meeting you all! 

I'm more than privileged to be celebrating this blog's blogoversary! It's a huge honor. Here's to more fun years with CF! :)

*wipes tears*

That being said, let's return to the mission on hand!

My co bloggers at A Perfection Called Books!

Rachel and Julia - you guys are the best!!! Co blogging with these two at APCB is so fun, and whenever I slack or go MIA for some time or if I struggle to manage things, these girls always have my back! Rach, thanks for being an amazing friend, and inviting me to share your baby with you! Your perfectionist skills and GR shelves astound me! Julia - Thanks for being a fabulous friend!

My fellow Lankan bookworms!

How amazing is that I found three other book bloggers from Sri Lanka??? It's so amazing to talk to my local girls not only about books, but all sort of Sri Lankan exclusive stuff! Nuzaifa - I am so thankful that you are back in action!!! We've had the best fun during our meet ups! Ranu - That one person I can have twitter convos with without having to worry about timezones!:) Ruzaika - A fellow ENFP and a funny little potato I love to tease! We need to meet soon!!!

The Aetherwitches

When I joined in the Truthwitch street team, I didn't expect to meet these awesome bunch of pineapples in my clan - Aether! We have the most random conversations in our group DM and you guys all rock!!!
Here's to all the lovely aether clan members - past and present! :D 

All who have guest posted at Chasing Faerytales

Whether you contributed to LITHW or helped me out when I was on a hiatus, thanks a lot guys!!! You all were a huge support!

Collaboraters of the Book Blogging and Speech Freedom post
Cait | Hazel | Nara | Rachel | Joey | Nuzaifa

Learnt it the Hard Way
Nova | Hazel | Ashley | Rachel | Aimee | Megan | Kat | Alexa | Faye | Kelly | April 

During my hiatus

Thanks a lot lovelies! 

These lovely pineapples whose blogs I stalk 

Cait - You're all kinds of awesome, and can be a budding world dominator, but to me, you are a wonderful friend, with a beautiful personality and similar tastes. 
Chiara - You are my hero in many ways! You're so fierce with your passions and I can't wait to read your LGBT book one day! 
Nova - Undeniably, you're one of my bestest blogging buddy! You're awesome girl! Our long twitter convos, constant flailing and DM rants are the best!  
Kelly - The queen of sass. Period! :D
Kaitlin - Heya stranger! :D Your twitter convos and snaps are the best, plus I admire your late night social skills! :)
Faye - The blogosphere's favourite bride to be! :) It was amazing to meet you, and I've always appreciated your kind yet firm advices!
Aimee - The little midget! :) Despite being so awkward in our IRL meeting, you're such a fun person to be around! And you're totally killing the instagram game these days!
Megan - I miss you and your lengthy comments girl! :(
Valerie - You're so funny Val! But not innocent. Not at all. And not modest either. *shakes head*
But I love you anyway! 
Shannon - You're a hilarious potato! And your little humans are adorable! I admire your creativity and sass!
Holly - She's my go to girl when I want to rant about blogging dramas. And share gossip! :D 
Ashley - She's the best at writing technical posts without making me feel like an idiot! :) She's also really friendly, And nice. And sweet and awesome. Basically, I have no idea why I was afraid to approach her for a long time!
Hazel - One of the nicest bloggers ever! Period :) She has not only created my beautiful design, but also bought the Grisha trilogy and got them signed by Leigh Bardugo for me! Plus she puts up with me whenever I trouble her with my BEA questions! You're the best Hazel!
Kaitlin - I've known this girl since my GR times! And its awesome, that we're still friends, unlike most of my GR buddies! 
Aentee - HER DESIGNS!!! She's fabulous and so talented!!!
Shannelle - I love your lettering. And your creativity. But most of all, I love your honesty. You're my go to person for constructive criticism, and thanks a lot for lettering that Vicious print for me!!!
Jeann - You're so fabulous! And I love how much you adore superheroes!!! I'll pack my bags and catch a flight to your country one day! I promise! :)
Aila - I am so glad I met you through SBPT! You're such a wonderful friend and person!
Wren - This girl is so crazy and weird! And that's why I love her! And we have our own fictional family! We're so awesome! :D
Veronika - Ronnie is a sweetheart! And she has been a great friend ever since CF was a small baby!
Melanie - My go to girl for fairytale recs! And if you ask me, she looks like a disney princess, herself! :D
Asti - A fellow villain - and Darkling! - lover. I miss you Asti!!! Come back soon!
Amanda - Her posts are so informative and I love how daring she is in her discussion posts!
Nara - My official Brandon Sanderson - and sci fi in general - book pusher! :) I'll read a book of his soon, I promise!
Jules - You're the funnest person to hang out with!!! I will never forget our days together in PH! And our constant flailing about hot guys!!! :P
Joey - You're hilarious! I can never not laugh at your jokes! :D
Xander - I am taken aback by this guy's love for HP! And searching along him for foreign editions of Harry Potter is so fun!
Zoe - Your comments never fail to make my day! You're wonderful! 
Karina - Had to mention her again! :D Karina is so lovely, and it's always a pleasure to talk with her in twitter!
Josephine - I am in awe with your photography skills! And cooking! And you have the coolest hair! :D
Nori - The head cheerleader of the blogging world! You're an awesome friend and I am so thankful to you! 

Those bloggers I admire a lot and would love to know more about!

Kristen - You got me my first Victoria Schwab book. You created a monster! :)
Danielle - I think her blog is a go to place for a romance addict like me!
Nikki - We share the same reading tastes! It's so exciting!
Crini - She is so fascinating! I am in awe with her art and photography!
Stephanie - I really like her honest opinions on my comments and twitter convos!
Lisa - I've admired her blog even before I started blogging. She's so nice, though I was scared to approach her!
Rashika - She may or may not be my future BEA roommate! ;D
Jamie - Again, someone I used to be super scared of, but was actually so sweet!
Crys - I often catch up with TV series through her tweets without even watching it! :) 
Oh and I'll make sure that Rachel reads Schwab, Crys! I promise! :D
Shelly - I admire her support for diversity! She's so fierce! 

And every single one of my blogging buddies and twitter followers! I tried hard to mention all of you! But, well, it was a hard task! So forgive me if I left any one of you out! Remember that I love you!!!

All the pubs who gave me ARCs

Mostly through Netgalley and Edeweiss - thank you for trusting me enough to send ARCs. And a special thanks to Harper, for their INTL mailing list and Penguin's Rachel, who is a sweetheart!

All the authors I've conversed and befriended!

It's so astonishing to talk with authors freely in twitter! Huge thanks for my all time favourite Victoria Schwab. Everytime she replies or likes my tweet, I just flail! :D
To Susan Dennard - who's one of the sweetest authors I've ever seen. The love she showers to her readers and street team is immense! 
Heidi Heilig - who's so sassy and fierce! Julie Eshbaugh - a fellow Breakfast Club fan who's so sweet! And Roshani Chokshi - with whom I often ramble about diversity and Indian mythology and writing! 

And to every single reader of mine. Everyone who's read my post, commented, or shared them in social media! THANK YOU!!! I'll be forever grateful to you all, and you all have made this year awesome!

I am not going to leave you empty handed though! :D I have two giveaways in store for you today!!!

Giveaway #1

I've always loved Evie's bookish designs from Society6! Her products are absolutely gorgeous, and today, I am going to giveaway one of them to a lucky reader!


You can choose only one product, It has to be either a tote bag, mug, pillow or a tshirt.

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A huge thanks to Evie for sponsoring the giveaway! She's so sweet and don't forget to check out her store and buy her products for the holiday season!

Giveaway #2

Th next giveaway is for a water colour book mark, made my Gina from Behind the Pages Etsy Store! 
Her book marks are so pretty and you can choose one if you win!

Check out her bookmarks 

The giveaway is international

Thanks a lot for the lovely Gina for sponsoring the giveaway! Don't forget to check out the rest of her products as well!

And with that, let's wrap up the celebration!

Thanks again for everyone and here's to more successful years for Chasing Faerytales!

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