Dec 19, 2015

Fairytales Report #8

It's December 20! Which means that there are only 5 days left before Christmas! It's surreal to think that this year is ending because I feel like 2015 just started yesterday. 12 months have gone by now, and December is coming to its close in a matter of two weeks. Can you even believe that?

In a span of two weeks, this has happened to the both of us:



I've been horrible at reading. In defense, I was incredibly busy with school these past two weeks! 

Book Read

Splintered by A.G.Howard

Currently Reading

Confess by Colleen Hoover
The Bride by Julie Garwood


I haven't gotten much to reading YA because I had two school books that I had to complete, but I only managed to read one school book. Then I am reading Gone Girl, which is so thick and intimidating, that it's taking me a long while to finish. Also, there were mid-quarters last week, so reading gradually plopped down somewhere close to nowhere.

Books Read
All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
El Filibusterismo by Jose Rizal (school book)

Currently Reading
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn





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1. Fierce Reads changed the covers of The Winner's Curse series! No offense, but they look purely horrible! There has been a bit of an upheaval in twitter because of this cover change, and I can totally see why. And in case you haven't seen them, here's the new covers of the series.

And my personal "favourite". The Winner's Crime! *snorts*

Apart from the fact that the covers are purely horrible, I think they've also missed the whole point of Kestrel here. KESTREL ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE A SWORD FIGHTING ASSASSIN!!! She's horrible at fighting and it's her brains that make her a badass! That's what makes her unique, and that's why the fans love her! She can stay badass with a terrific gown! She doesn't need a cover change!!! *drops mic*

2. On a happier note - in fact a really glorious note - the semi finals round of the Epic Reads Book Shimmy Awards is up and guess who has been nominated in the Book Nerd of the Year award??? CAIT @ THE PAPER FURY!!!! Cait deserves all the votes, so go vote for her everyone!! She's a fabulous pineapple! 
Vote here!

3. Chasing Faerytales' first blogoversary is tomorrow!!! I am so excited and I am inviting you all to be a part of it! You can drop in a small message or note or ask any questions you want from me, and I'll feature them all on the big day! 


1. The "Fantastic Beasts" trailer has been released! I got goosebumps watching for the first few seconds because of the familiar "wand effect" thing that the Harry Potter movies would always have, and it made me smile with nostalgia. Also, Eddie Redmayne! I love him to death! I was almost crying because he's one of my most favorite actors ever.



1. I had to organise a carol service at school, and it was glorious!!! It also meant that I practically lived at school from morning to night, and worked so hard and lost all sleep, but in the end, it was all amazing! Our show was a hit, and I felt so good! :D

2. I went camping for school! It was a three day camping trip to a remote area, without any touch with the internet or even the telephone, and it was a beautiful experience! I really loved it and I had loads of fun!

3. I am finally enjoying Christmas break! So until Jan 5th, I can breathe a bit. All I want to do nowadays is sleep! :D


1. I am on Christmas break! I made it through for the break! I am alive, and breathing, and healthy, and well. I'm just thankful school didn't cripple me enough to go on break in a foul mood because nowadays, school has gone intensely stressful. I am more than glad that I am 2 weeks off. I am so excited for Christmas! 5 days left!

2. (Partially) completed my mid-quarters. Out of 7 tests, I only took 2. I missed quite a few tests due to a bad storm that suspended classes, and then I had an asthma attack the other day, so I stayed away from school. I'll be taking the rest of them as soon as the holidays finish, though. (Let's hope this holiday break goes as slowly as possible.)

3. I'll be co-hosting the 2016 Contemporary Challenge! I am hella excited! Montana @ The Book Belles kindly invited me to co-host the challenge with her, since I approached her that I loved contemporary so much. There will be monthly challenges, linkies, and giveaways that will be prepared. Sign ups will go live in both of our blogs: The Book Belles and Jillian's Books!

How did your week go?

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