Dec 1, 2015

I am backkkk!!!!!

Hey bookworms!

This is Mishma, and I am finally back in track - officially! :D A hiatus in November was a good idea - since I could concentrate on a lot of IRL stuff - but I really missed you all!!! 

Did you guys miss me too???

You better have!

So apart from that, I have a few things to tell, and ask you all, so let's get serious!

  • You need to help me out by taking my blog survey! In case you missed it, there was a survey open to you all by the end of October, and your responses have been so helpful and flattering so far! :D But I need some more opinions, before I hit the one year mark this month, so I'll really appreciate it, if you guys can take the survey for me!
  • Speaking of, my blogoversary is coming up! It's on the 21st of December, and I am so excited!!! So now, I want to ask, what do you want to see on the big day? I've been brainstorming for weeks, but I have no idea, so I am directing the question at you! Plus, I also want to know what kind of giveaways you guys prefer. Though I do love the good old TBD giveaways, sometimes different ones can be special, so I need your opinion there!
  • Addition to that, I want to know your favourite kind of book merchandise! ( Art prints, totes, mugs, clothes etc.) Also your favourite book merch stores! ( Preferably from Society6 and Etsy) I am planning something special this month, and some help here will be appreciated a lot!

That being said, I also want to apologise for the fact that I have been horrible with regards to blog hopping and catching up with comments. I'll catch up with everything, I promise! Though it's going to take me ages!

Oh and by the way, happy December everyone! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!

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