Dec 24, 2015

Looking forward....

I have successfully stepped into the second year of blogging at Chasing Faerytales! While I can't believe it has been a year since I created my baby, I am determined to make my second year, as awesome as the first!

Since my blog's second year starts super late, it means, my 2016 blogging goals and my second year blogging goals are going to be almost the same! But anyways, here we go!

P.S - This post was meant to go with my blogoversary posts. But I was too lazy to type this up yesterday! :P


  1. BEA16! - Okay this is more of a goal for me than for the blog, but still! :) If someone has told me by the start of this year that I would go for BEA one day, I would've yelled at them for making a sick joke. BEA has been an impossible dream for me, until my dad gave me a green signal to go forward and plan for it in September. So far, there's a 75% chance that I am going to BEA - the deciding 25% being my VISA - and am hoping fervently that it will be a possibility! I would be practically flying - alone - to the other end of the world! :D
  2. I am flirting with the idea of LITHW #2. While this is just an initial idea, I will most probably execute it if you guys are interested! I didn't expect so much support for the first edition of the event this year! ( Check out what LITHW is here.)
  3. Try to care less about stats. Which I am actually getting better at! I learned to ignore pageviews and follower counts gradually by the end of my first year, which I hope I'll learn to completely disregard by the second one!
  4. Get ahead on posts. I am horrible at scheduling. I practically write posts the night before the day it's supposed to go up on. With school work getting more intense, pre planning and scheduling will be essential and I need to get better on this!
  5. Start bullet journaling. I got intrigued by this practice after seeing Alexandra's post about it. I researched a lot on tumblr and watched a lot of videos, and bullet journaling seems pretty fun and productive! I just hope that I keep up with it the whole year!
  6. Finish off all my old Netgalley ARCs. No joke, but I have some really old ARCs on my kindle. I've been on NG since my Goodreads days, which means, I have ARCs so old as 2013 in my kindle. ( One of them is Defy by Sarah B.Larson. Even the sequel has come out! ) While my ratio is damaged beyond repair, I just want to finish them off as much as possible.
  7. Manage time with school and all extra curricular activities. Just thinking about all the work load I will have next year is making me faint! It's going to be super hard for me to manage everything, and I hope that I'll make it work!
  8. Keep in track with all my bookish challenges. The main problem I have with challenges is that I forget about them halfway. So this year, I hope I'll manage to keep track and be on top of everything!
  9. Try to get better at photography. I am just an amateur at book photography and I want to get better! I've been experimenting with lighting these days, and I hope to continue with more experiments next year!
  10. Increase the number of my reviews. For a book blog, my review count is really low! From what I have calculated, for the first year, out of all my posts only 24% is reviews! I need to bring this up, otherwise, I don't think I'll qualify as a book blog! ;D
  11. Write more personal and random discussions. I really enjoy writing these! And I like the fact that we book bloggers can also talk about non bookish discussions with the same passion we have when we talk about books!
  12. Blog hop weekly and comment more. I don't know to what extent this will be possible, but I hope to make it work! 
  13. Reply to comments and comment back as much as possible. This is something I need to work on a lot!
  14. Read and review more backlist titles. This won't be a huge struggle for me, as I anyway read more backlist than ARCs. The fact that I am INTL helps, as I only get physical ARCs from Harper, and the few e-ARCs I get are manageable. Which gives me a lot of space to give backlist titles a lot of love! 
  15. Post 3 times a week. While I've been trying to keep up a schedule of a post on every other day, it will be hard for me and Jillian to keep it up when our schedules get busy next year! So we most probably have to stick to a 3 post a week schedule.

And since I am too lazy to make another post for my bookish goals, I am including that list here as well!

  1. Read 100 books. Embarassingly, I am failing this year's GR challenge. And knowing that next year is going to be hectic, I am going to keep my goal small, with 100 books!
  2. Read as much as Maggie Stiefvater books as I can. I know this is an odd goal, but Cait and I have made a deal. I am making her read Victoria Schwab novels, while I am trying to read all Stiefvater in return! :D
  3. Read more LGBTQIA books. Actually, I haven't read any book that revolves mainly around the subject. Which makes me want to try out LGBT books as much as I can next year.
  4. Read more books on mental health. While I've been hesitating to read such books, since they bring back bitter memories for me, My Heart and Other Black Holes and Made You Up, made me realize, that I need to stop being a coward and face these books and the issues!
  5. Read more local authors. And by local, I mean more South Asian. Gotta give the Desis some support! :)
  6. Explore more genres and concepts outside my comfort zone. I did this a bit earlier this year, and I liked the end result. Which means, I gotta do it next year as well!


Finish my WIP. This is undeniably one of my biggest goals for 2016! I've been dragging my poor novel for months, and I need to get on track with writing as my progress is really slow than I would like it.

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What are your goals for the next year?

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