Jan 8, 2016

Diverse Reads 2016 Seasonal Link up - #1

Hi everyone!

How's 2016 treating you all so far? Can you believe that 9 days have passed since the year started???

You all know that I am hosting my first ever reading challenge, along with Shelly, for diverse books, this year. In case you weren't aware, or haven't signed up yet, don't forget to hop over to the sign up post and do the deed!

As I told in the sign up post, we are dividing the challenge into seasons, and planning to have link ups for each one! So without further ado, let me present to you all the official linky for the first season - Ethnic Diversity! 

Before that, I want to tell a couple of things for you guys!

First of all, we are planning to do something special for the challenge! Since diversity is a really vast concept, and a lot of people have to say different and many things about it, we've planned to broaden the challenge with discussion posts!

Both Shelly and I, will be discussing diversity on our blogs! They will be in the form of discussion posts, posts with personal touch and experience, interviews, recommendation lists, and various other fun stuff!

But we don't want to do it alone!

We are inviting you all - whether you are taking part in the challenge or not - to write guest posts for us! You can contribute with any type of post you want, as long as it's on diversity, and correspond to our seasonal themes

If you're an author, you can also help us out in the form of a guest post or interview!

If you are interested, please sign up through the google form below! We'll contact you soon!

Also note that we are encouraging you all to feature such posts on YOUR blogs as well! You're more than welcome to link these discussion posts in our seasonal link ups. and it doesn't need to be necessarily on the season's theme, though we might prefer as it will be more organized!

P.S - Note that to link your posts up, you have to join our challenge. But since some of you might not want to join a reading challenge, as they might be stressful, you can just join saying that you won't read for the challenge, but rather joining it so you can discuss diversity! Even a tweet will count as a sign up! ;D

Also, we are planning to feature discussion posts from the blogosphere which have discussed diversity and our seasonal theme before, on our seasonal link ups. Since I am a useless pineapple, and forgot all about it, until the last minute, I'll post a round up of posts, a few days later this time. But hereafter, it will be along with the seasonal link ups! :)

All that being said, here's the official link up for the first season of Diverse Reads 2016! Link up your posts - reviews, discussion posts, lists or anything miscellaneous - as long as it is about diversity and diverse books.

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